Canadian travel advisors are all too familiar with G Adventures – a company that championed the adventure travel market. Ever evolving to meet the needs of various types of travellers, the National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures collection was introduced in early 2016, and continues to expand, now offering 83 exclusive tours.

“These trips include hands-on exploration, interaction with local experts, and insider access to projects supported by National Geographic or G Adventures,” Robyn James, brand manager, G Adventures, told CT Magazine. “With the perfect balance of freedom and flexibility, they also maintain the peace of mind that comes with travelling in a small group.”

But what more should travel advisors know in order to better-sell this product? James weighed-in with further insight:


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How does National Geographic Journeys product compare to the G Adventures trip styles with which Canadian travel advisors have long been familiar?
National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures tours offer specific unique experiences such as visiting the Paris studio of a world-renowned National Geographic photographer, or meeting graduates from the SASANE program in Nepal, a G for Good project that empowers survivors of human trafficking to become certified paralegals. In addition, these trips offer upgraded accommodation, more included meals, and more private transport than other G Adventures travel styles.

What challenges has the sales team faced when it comes to working with travel agents in selling the National Geographic Journeys product, and how have you overcome said challenges?

One challenge that our sales team faces is explaining how National Geographic Journeys is different from other travel styles offered by G Adventures. Our sales team emphasizes the exclusive experiences, the special access, and the upgraded service level compared to other G Adventures tours. Accommodation is also a commonly asked question from travel agents. Our sales team uses sample photos of hotels to help travel agents understand the level of accommodation travellers can expect on a National Geographic Journeys tour.

Who is the National Geographic Journeys client?
These trips have been designed for curious travellers who appreciate the freedom to roam, but seek the structure and security that comes with travelling in a small group. We see clients of all ages booking these tours, but the target client tends to be over the age of 35. We often see more women booking these tours overall, as is the case with most of our travel styles.

What questions should travel advisors ask their clients to qualify them for National Geographic Journeys?
Most of the tours in the National Geographic Journeys collection do not have high physical ratings, so travel agents should just ensure that their clients have an open mind and an eagerness to learn.

What are the top-performing National Geographic Journeys itineraries or destinations, specifically as they relate to the Canadian market?
Not surprisingly, top performing National Geographic Journeys destinations for Canadian travellers are Peru, Costa Rica and South Africa. However, we are starting to see a lot more Canadian travellers visiting some of our new itineraries in destinations like Namibia and Japan.

What misconceptions might exist about the National Geographic Journeys product, and what is the reality? Many of our Journeys clients are surprised at how accessible and affordable the trips are. Tours start at $1,799 CAD per person for a nine-day tour to Costa Rica.


G Adventures

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All trips offer unique learning experiences with local experts such as marine biologists, nature conservationists, historians, etc. For example, in Israel, travellers will have the opportunity to join a dual-narrative walking tour with two guides: one Israeli and one Palestinian.

This line-up of trips features insider access to people or projects that are supported by National Geographic or G Adventures. Travellers could find themselves on a wildlife safari drive in South Africa with a National Geographic-supported researcher or having a customized experience at a world-renowned aquarium in California.

The accommodations selected on this product are upgraded compared to other G Adventures travel styles. Where possible, the accommodations reflect the local charm of the country.

There is plenty time on these tours to get immersed in the culture and to spend time with locals. Imagine having a traditional Zimbabwean dinner in a local family’s home, or walking the streets of Delhi with former street youth.

By going on a National Geographic Journeys tour, travellers are supporting G Adventures’ and National Geographic Society’s projects worldwide.

Local Journeys CEOs (Chief Experience Officers) are more than just guides; they offer unique perspectives, exceptional service, insider access about where and what to explore, and have a passion for their country that is literally indescribable. 


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