VIBRANT CITIES, MYSTIC MOUNTAINS, STEAMY jungles, and dynamic culture; the mere whisper of India, Thailand, China or Japan makes our pulse quicken. And for travellers who want to lose themselves in all things Asia (without getting lost themselves), Trafalgar has introduced 10 new guided vacations to its 2019 program, now with 27 journeys to choose from to live ‘The Good Life.’ For clients who are keen ignite their senses, we’ve cherry-picked four new bucket list adventures that are sure to spark a love affair with Asia.



Thailand is the perfect introduction to Asia. It’s modern, the locals are friendly, the landscapes are exquisite, and modern infrastructure makes for easy travel. Tourists are plentiful throughout the country, but rich cultural experiences await those who are ready to step off the beaten path.

Bucket list experiences: Anthony Bourdain popularized sharing meals with locals but scoring a dinner invitation is easier said than done. On Trafalgar’s new 14-day Treasures of Thailand with Phuket Adventure, your clients will enjoy a traditional northern Thai-style meal in the good company of the Saiwangjit family in their stilt house during a ‘Connect With Locals’ experience. Travellers will also spend time with Hmong and Lahu hill tribe people.

This trip is perfect for: Asia first-timers, clients who want culture without compromising on sun and beaches.



India is known for its vibrant divine chaos and an intoxicating sensory overload, and its bucket list sights and experiences are packed as tightly as a morning Mumbai rail car. So why not let someone else handle the logistics?

Bucket list experiences: To set eyes upon the Taj Mahal at sunrise is to appreciate the apex of human ingenuity. Arguably as memorable is a visit to Varanasi, India’s holiest city with 23,000 temples. This spiritual epicentre of Hinduism is just about as far as you can get from home while still on planet Earth. Observe life and death on the riverside ghats before imbibing the sensory feast that is an evening Aarti ceremony. Both experiences are featured on the eight-day Golden Triangle with Varanasi.

Perfect for: Repeat Asia travellers, clients seeking a spiritual journey, and architecture junkies.



Brimming with wonder, a visit to China is ever enlightening, if not just to see how most of the world’s population lives. Trafalgar’s new 15-day Best of China with Yangtze Cruise journey has travellers eating and sailing their way through the nation’s ancient-ultramodern dichotomy.

Bucket list experiences: Lunching with locals during a Trafalgar exclusive ‘Be My Guest’ experience in a traditional hutong home in Beijing before wandering the Forbidden City and scrambling the Great Wall of China. ‘Make A Difference’ when travelling and stare down the Terracotta Army in Xi’an and see pandas at play in Chengdu on a JoinTrafalgar experience before sailing through Yangtze gorges seemingly untouched by time.

Perfect for: Foodies, history-lovers, and those who want a trip loaded with iconic sights.



Futuristic cities, ancient capitals, nature that echoes with silence, and a culture so unfamiliar that everything is new again; Japan travel is rife with novelty. Trafalgar’s nine-day Splendors of Japan takes travellers on a cultural deep dive and expert ‘Local Specialists’ are ready to help make sense of it all.

Bucket list experiences: Enjoy a kaiseki lunch in a traditional ryokan home where guests will learn about Japanese customs from locals; embark on a walking tour (complete with sake tastings) of the Edo-style streets of Takayama Old Town; and pay a visit to the 10,000-gate Fushimi Inari Shrine and Mt. Fuji.

Perfect for: Travellers who want a more relaxed Asia experience, experimental foodies and culture vultures. 


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