This winter, Key Notes On Travel has partnered with Jodi Fogel, a senior master trainer at Sales Gravy to present a three-part webinar series titled Sales EQ: The Emotional Experience Matters.

In her first KNOT session, Fogel laid out the five disciplines of ultra-high performance: Emotional self-control, fanatical prospecting, time discipline, a virtuoso with people and an obsession with win probability. On the topic of the latter, Fogel explained what win probability is and how to master it. According to her, it all boils down to statistics.

jodi fogel

In the sports world, win probability refers to a statistical tool used to predict a team’s odds of winning, based historically on the results of other teams in the same situation. The same strategy can be used for sales. For advisors, it’s all about what you do with your time.

“Ultra-high performers [are so] protective of their time that they do not want to work on anything that is not going to lead to a ‘yes,’” Fogel said. “And so they are obsessed with being able to win probability in their favour.”

According to Fogel, the most expensive use of your time is working on the wrong opportunity. And because humans can’t predict the future, ultra-high performers know they have to create systems that drive probability.

the most expensive use of your time

“As salespeople – as advisors – you have to [ask yourself], ‘What is my system for deciding if I'm going to engage or continue to engage with a client?’” she posed. "Part of win probability is making sure your client is matching your effort. You have to know the signs [of] when to pull back."

Ultra-high performers are always measuring time, engagement and action. If you're working with a client and they're not giving you positive or productive feedback, Fogel suggested advisors should consider stepping back.

"Probability tells me that if they are not matching my effort, they are not going to move forward with me,” said Fogel. "If a client isn’t responsive to your outreach or if you’re noticing a pattern that reoccurs in potential clients before they back out of a sale, take note of it."


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