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When it comes to client satisfaction, keeping their travels as easy and seamless as possible is key to your success.

Throughout 2016, Air Canada and Air Canada rouge continue to introduce a number of new non-stop routes from Canada`s largest gateways, helping to get your clients to their destination faster. Forthcoming route launches include Vancouver-Brisbane (June 1) and Montreal-Lyon (June 16) on Air Canada, plus Montreal-Casablanca (June 3) and Toronto-Prague (May 29), Budapest (June 10) and Warsaw (June 14) on Air Canada rouge, among many others.

Whether you’re working with singles or couples, families or business people, here are five reasons to suggest non-stop flights such as these for your client's next getaway:


Working onboard the 787 Dreamliner

Working onboard the 787 Dreamliner


1. For travellers who want to start a holiday or a business trip on a high note, picking a non-stop flight results in a relaxed beginning (and a good omen for good travels). With no need to stress about making any airport connections, travelling non-stop from A to B means that during the flight its all about relaxing or preparation; catching up on entertainment options, finding inspiration for your next trip from the inflight magazine or having extra time to make sure that presentation is perfect for the meeting. 


In-flight entertainment

Friendly airline service aboard Air Canada rouge.


2. Clients travelling with young ones, grandparents, a large group or those passengers who may need extra consideration during a trip will appreciate a non-stop flight. Negotiating check-in, security and/or customs can be stress-inducing and take a lot of time at the beginning of the flight. But getting on-board and knowing that once settled in a seat, there is no need to consider anything but what to drink, snack or what movie to watch, makes choosing a non-stop option the simplest choice, when there are so many other necessary details and items to remember. 


AC rouge

Friendly airline service aboard Air Canada rouge.


3. Eager travellers who want to start exploring as soon as possible after arrival in their chosen destination appreciate a non-stop flight. Reducing the overall time dedicated to arriving at the airport, the flight and landing at journey's end results in maximizing the precious time away from home. Focusing on getting to the beach, embarking on a walking tour of the town or finding that “out of the way” place for a memorable meal will happen that much faster. And it may spark trying a new non-stop destination for the next weekend excursion. 


777 exterior

777 exterior


4. Do you have clients who are nervous to fly or generally don't enjoy being up in the air? Flying non-stop helps those individuals who need encouragement to get on a plane. After getting through the airport routine, there will be more time to relax and compose oneself before the journey. Whether its short-haul or long-haul, a non-stop flight makes it easier for a nervous flyer, whether being on their own or travelling with others, to quickly find their happy place on-board. 


International Business Class onboard the 787 Dreamliner

International Business Class onboard the 787 Dreamliner features fully flat seats guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.


5. For business travellers, non-stop flights is a bonus for any high-flying executive. Reducing the amount of time travelling and being able to maximize time on the ground, allows for those face to face meetings to lead to more decisions made. And since time is money, it makes economic sense to spend more time getting it done with work colleagues than scurrying through airports to make connections.  



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