in business for group tour company, Collette. Over that time, the company has obviously figured out how to evolve and remain relevant – because how does one stick around for so long if they don’t? Well, there’s no sign of slowing down and proving that point is the relaunch of its Explorations product line. Sound familiar? It might – the Explorations brand has existed for a few years, but it’s been revamped, refined and completely redefined.

To understand exactly what the new Explorations looks like, we spoke with Ron Lonsdale, vice-president of sales, for some insider scoop:

Collette has relaunched its Explorations product line. Why?
After a great deal of market research and consumer focus groups, we realized that we wanted to make some changes to the Explorations line in an effort to meet the demands of our travellers. The new Explorations product line is different from anything we have ever offered. These tours include meaningful experiences that are hard to replicate. For example, guests can hunt for truffles with a chef and his trained dogs on the Journey Through Southern France itinerary or go snorkelling with sea turtles on Machu Picchu & The Galapagos Islands. Explorations does more than show you a new place; it connects you to new cultures and shows you a fresh perspective of the world.

What differentiates the new Explorations product line from the old? How is it the same?
We have reduced the size of groups on these tours. Previously, there was a maximum of 24 travellers and now it is a maximum of 19 (with an average of 15). We still want to put an emphasis on local culture and activities on tour and are able to do so with such small groups.

What type of client do you think the new Explorations product appeals to?
We are marketing our Explorations product to a bit of a more active traveller, particularly someone who craves authentic experiences. Travellers may be slightly younger, but more importantly, really crave local immersion while visiting a destination.

What should travel advisors focus on when presenting Explorations product to their clients?
Small groups, unique experiences, independent, choice flexibility, local expertise, and authentic local flavour. Small group size is definitely the most important point to make as we are focusing on the more individual traveller.

How does a travel advisor know when to propose an Explorations tour versus any other Collette tour?
An Explorations tour is perfect for a repeat traveller who is looking for a more immersive experience. Advisors should propose Explorations when they believe their client is looking to get more out of their experience.

Are Explorations tours now available to book now?
Yes, Explorations tours are available to book from now throughout 2020.

So, have we piqued your interest? Collette will be launching the new e-Learning module for travel advisors to recertify as a Collette Specialist; the module will be solely dedicated to training on the new Explorations product. Visit for more information. 


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