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Who is the ideal client for the AIC Hotel Group’s new UNICO 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya?
There is actually a broad range of people who would fit the profile for a UNICO client. I have sent very happy honeymooners, couples and even two bachelorette parties, and everyone loved the resort equally! I think the ideal client is someone who appreciates good food and excellent drinks (not the syrupy kind like most resorts!), who is willing and wanting to leave the resort and explore the local area (which is easily done with UNICO’s included tours!), and someone who is wanting to relax and have a good time in a hip and trendy yet uber comfortable environment.

How do you qualify them?
If they want an adults-only resort, UNICO is always in my list of suggestions! It’s an easy sell and can satisfy most of my clients.

What information do you give your clients about the resort?
I focus on how amazing the food is, because that is important to so many people, and hard to find at all-inclusive resorts. I talk about how beautiful the pools and beach are, and how spa treatments and excursions are included (just need to pay 20 per cent service charge)! I let them know about the unique app that UNICO has where you can see information about the resort, schedule the spa treatments, make any requests, and even order food and drinks right to your seat at the pool!

What do you like about the resort?
As mentioned I think the food is some of the best I have ever had at any resort. The drinks are fresh-made with real fruit and you can taste the difference. I love the different vibes of all three pools, and how two of them are black on the bottom, giving it a unique look compared to most resorts. I love the rooms so much; I want to decorate my house exactly like them! I also absolutely love the robe (that comes in the rooms) and bought one for myself! The staff is amazing and go out of their way to make sure your experience is perfect.

With its culturally immersive experiences, pop-up activities and programming, and culinary refinement, UNICO has been called “a new category of all-inclusive…”
I agree. I think by really bringing in the local Mexican culture, you really get a sense of place. I love the handmade straw hats in the rooms, the locally made toiletries and the unique activities like cooking classes with local flavours, salsa lessons, wine and art lessons and more!

What are some of the important inclusions at the hotel?
All the delicious food and drinks of course, plus select excursions and spa treatments for just a 20 per cent service charge! Each room is also assigned a local host, which is sort of like a butler who takes care of any arrangements you need and whose job is to make sure your trip runs smoothly.

UNICO embraces the “culture” of the Mayan Riviera; is that important to guests?
I think so! All-inclusive resorts have been around for so long, and at some point, they all seem kind of the same. People are looking for more unique experiences, while still with the comfort that an all-inclusive resort allows. I think UNICO blends this well, providing local touches while still being luxurious.

UNICO recently won two World Travel Awards for Mexico’s Leading Cultural Hotel and Mexico’s Best New Hotel; does that inspire confidence amongst potential guests and the agents who book them?
For sure. There are so many resorts in Mexico, and my clients are always looking for “what’s new.” Being new, clean and fresh has an advantage, and winning an award for that helps even more. I think these days, people are really looking for unique experiences versus cookie cutter resorts, so the fact that UNICO tries to bring in local Mexican culture also helps.

What kind of response have you received from clients who visited the resort?
All of my clients who have been have raved about it. I’ve had the most incredible feedback, and the majority want to go back and have been telling their friends about the experience so that they will go as well.

What inspires you about selling UNICO?
To me, UNICO is an easy sell. There is no question in my mind that my clients will love it. The overwhelmingly positive feedback that I have received from all my clients who have visited, plus my own amazing stays there, inspire me to sell UNICO.


Lori was chosen by AIC Hotel Group to be profiled in CT Magazine. Why?

"Lori Gold, Virtuoso member and luxury travel agent with TWIL travel in Toronto specializes in Mexico, and spends part of the year based in Playa Del Carmen, which ensures she has her finger on the pulse of the latest vacation trends and gets a first look at the newest hotels in the area. Lori was one of the first travel agents in Canada to experience UNICO 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya in March. One of Lori’s greatest strengths is her social media presence. Lori’s clients love following her travels on social media and the photos from Lori’s first stay at UNICO 20º87º helped to skyrocket her sales! Lori’s clients trust her recommendation as they know she’s been there. A Leading Hotel of The World, UNICO 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya has been the perfect fit for many of Lori’s high net worth clients. Lori also loves our Amplified Rewards and RnR bonus commission and free nights earning program which provide her the luxury of earning complimentary stays at UNICO 20º87º for her personal vacations. Thank you for your partnership, Lori and for trusting us with your clients’ vacation!"
- SARAH SMITH, Business Development Manager, AIC Hotel Group

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