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By Samara Meade

Industry representatives from Trinidad and Tobago were in Toronto this week to announce the launch of an exciting travel agent specialist program.

The new course opens up a wealth of FAM opportunities and incentive programs to Canadian travel agents.

Trinidad and Tobago prides itself on being one of the most authentic destinations in the Caribbean. It is one of the few places that is not totally dependent on tourism, which keeps its beaches free from overzealous hotel and resort expansions.

And then there’s Trinidad's Carnival in Port of Spain to entice your clients with. Every February and March people gather to dance the streets and party like there’s no tomorrow. There are also many smaller festivals, such as the Hindu powder-tossing bash of Phagwa or Holi in Trinidad, the Easter goat-and-crab-racing events in Buccoo, the Tobago Heritage Festival and the nine-day Hindu festival, Ramleela.

trinidad carnival

Industry representatives also highlighted the fact that your clients will be hard pressed to find a more impressive variety of outdoor activities than those offered in Trinidad and Tobago. Available activities include cycling, diving, fishing, hiking, kayaking, kitesurfing, snorkelling and zip lining.

Your clients who enjoy history and culture can enjoy visiting the major sites like the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Temple in the Sea and the Knolly's Tunnel—a tunnel that was originally built so a railroad could connect cocoa plantations with Port of Spain. There is also Fort King George, a landmark in Tobago that features a well-preserved system of walls and cannons, as well as two museums.

Foodie clients will especially enjoy Trinidad and Tobago. The national cuisine blends African, East Indian, Spanish, French, English and Middle Eastern flavours, offering a truly unique dining experience.

To become a Trinidad and Tobago specialist, you can simply sign up at Once you’re done you can earn a customized certificate, FAM opportunities and incentives.


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