Meet Cheryl Green, travel sales lead and Sears travel agent.


Cheryl Green1. What characteristics identify an ideal Melia Cuba client?

The ideal prospect for me is a client who has never been to Cuba before or a client who has been but had a negative experience at a different property. Also, anyone who visited Cuba in the past and who is looking to return to the destination and see how Cuba has changed from the last time they were there.

2. Which questions do you ask to help narrow down the ideal property for your prospect? 

I ask clients who have been previously where they stayed, what kind of experience they are looking for - do they want an adults-only property for example, or one that can be enjoyed by the whole family? Do they want an active vacation with excursions or would they prefer a quieter laid-back kind of experience? Qualifying the client with questions like these helps to both narrow down the best area of Cuba to send them to and the best property option so they will the vacation experience that they’re looking for.

3. How do you position Melia Cuba to clients who have never been to a Melia property?

I engage the client by showing them photos from the Melia Travel Agent site ( detailing the available food selections, accommodations and what amenities the resort has to offer that match with the experience they’re looking for. 

4. Are there any upselling tactics that you find particularly successful?

Upselling the client based on the food availability and the Royal Service section of the resorts is particularly helpful. I find that I can sell a client a higher-end resort using this approach as well.

5. What makes you feel most comfortable about recommending Melia Cuba to your clients?

Melia Cuba has a brand of resort for every client. I know that my clients are going to have a great experience at the resort we’ve chosen together. Melia Cuba stands behind their product and has great support for not only the agents during the planning process, but for the client in-destination as well.

6. What consistently surprised you and/or your clients about Melia Cuba?

Though it shouldn’t surprise me, it always makes me feel wonderful when clients come back with excellent feedback. I’ve found that they will book another Melia Cuba property sometimes in a different area of Cuba without hesitation. That clients will book another Melia Cuba property with no hesitation speaks a lot to the level of comfort the brand is able to instill in their guests, even on just one trip. Consistent quality across all properties has led to a great amount of repeat business.


Travel agents will be pleased to know that wedding planning with Melia is done with a dedicated point person based in Canada, so there is no need to contact the hotels directly. This is one of its biggest assets when it comes to destination weddings, as no other chains offer it. E-mail


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