Did you know that 33 per cent of Canadians haven’t taken a vacation in the past two years?

That finding, revealed in a recent Ipsos poll, inspired Air Transat to “infiltrate” the performance-evaluation meetings of employees at a select group of companies. These workers all had something in common: they are very much appreciated by their employer, and their dedication to their jobs goes above and beyond the call, but they neglect one essential aspect of their work/life balance: they never go on holiday.

Watch the video above to see how the employees reacted when the interviewer, hired by Air Transat, surprised them by revealing the true purpose of the meeting.

Next, it could be your turn. To help people who could use a break, Air Transat has launched the Vacation Intervention contest. Canadians are invited to nominate a deserving friend, family member or co-worker who hasn’t been on a holiday in a long time.

Click here to make a nomination.

Entries are being accepted until Feb. 4 via one of the participating radio stations or the Air Transat contests page. There are 19 all-inclusive Sun destinations packages to be won.


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