MANULIFE TRAVEL INSURANCE connected us with three top-selling travel agency owners and advisors – Agnes Pethick, Blowes Travel & Cruise Centres Inc. Stratford, Amanda Campbell, Uniglobe Carefree and Michael Kroeker, president & owner of Bonaventure Travel – who were eager to share their sales highlights for the company.


What makes Manulife a good partner?

AGNES: Manulife is a great partner and a wonderful support to our agency. They offer various plans for all ages that are geared to youth and seniors, and are constantly creating new products, making it easier for us (travel advisors) to sell. Plus, the procedure for claims with Manulife is very easy.

AMANDA: Manulife takes good care of our clients: they are quick and efficient at processing claims, and they always respond when we have questions about the product and what is/is not covered for our clients. We work together for our clients as they are our number one priority.

MICHAEL: Manulife wants to help me grow my business; we’ve done a few in-house incentives and this has led to exponential growth in insurance premiums in my office.

What’s in it for you, as a travel advisor, to sell Manulife’s Premium Protection Plan (PPP)?

AGNES: When we sell PPP, we are very confident about the product which, in turn, makes the client feel very confident in the product. Plus, the price is competitive, therefore making it easier to sell and still affordable for our clients to purchase.

AMANDA: The “cancel for any reason clause” is excellent and gives me peace of mind that my clients are covered for almost anything that may require them to make a claim. It gives us the confidence to know that, if we get a phone call from our clients because something has happened, they will be covered and they will be cared for; there is no uncertainty and wondering if claims will be approved.

MICHAEL: Knowing that our clients have the best converge on the market and that it can only be purchased through a travel professional (not just any insurance agency) is huge. Although the at-source commission is slightly lower than other products Manulife offers and it’s sometimes at a higher cost to the client, we are selling way more insurance because the coverage is so much better.

How has PPP impacted your travel insurance sales?

AGNES: PPP is a more simplified plan with more options, if the client does need to cancel. It has led to 24.8 per cent growth in my insurance sales.

AMANDA: PPP amounts to approximately 95 per cent or more of the policies I sell. It makes selling travel insurance easier, because it covers an extensive list of risks, and the “cancel for any reason” clause is also beneficial.

MICHAEL: PPP has allowed my agents to sell more confidently, and because of this, they are selling more insurance and at higher-value premiums. Having just received the 2017 award for highest increase in premium sales, I can say we’ve increased our insurance business more than 40 per cent over last year.

How has your Manulife BDM prepared you for success?

AGNES: My BDM, Tracy Emberson, has given us a lot of training – both before and after a new product comes to market. Whenever we have a question, we can e-mail or call her and she always has an answer for us. Tracy also always gives us services and stories, so we can relay this to the client as well.

AMANDA: Melissa Peterson, our BDM, holds regular workshops and webinars. She is very helpful, enthusiastic and believes in the product, and she makes it easy to understand. She provides yearly certification training and additional in-house training whenever we request it. Plus, Melissa shows support with agency incentives or client events, and gives us tools to overcome objections from clients.

MICHAEL: My Manulife BDM (also Melissa Peterson) has really helped me set goals, has worked with me on incentive programs, and has laid out a plan to get me to that next level. 




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