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CT Magazine's Jennifer Hubbert was married at Melia Varadero a few months ago. What surprised her most? Check out what she has to say so you can relay the information to your clients.


1. At 490 rooms, Melia Varadero didn’t feel ‘big.’ In fact, with 45 guests I was always running into a familiar face.

2. The a la carte dining options were varied and delicious.

3. The value in upgrading to The Level was totally worth it. Private lounge, same day restaurant reservations, modern furnishings and private concierge desk, yes please!

4. How seamless the wedding went. The coordinators were total professionals – even though they thought our pineapple centrepieces were strange – they made it all happen exactly the way we’d envisioned.

5. How amazing it is to travel with friends and family. We had such a fun, crazy, memorable week that we’re tempted to travel more often as a group.

Use this intel to sell:

Don’t forget that you’re not just selling two fiancés on a destination wedding; you’re selling their entire guest list. Wedding stress often robs a couple of seeing the forest through the trees. This is a week when families will bond, friends will rejoice and memories that will last a lifetime will be created. While couples are pouring over contracts, remember to keep it celebratory. It’s also worth noting that not all families get on as jovially as mine. Let your clients know that not everyone has to be booked into the same wing of the resort. Guests can be as chummy or elusive as they want.

Travel agents will be pleased to know that wedding planning with Melia is done with a dedicated point person based in Canada, so there is no need to contact the hotels directly. Melia says this is one of its biggest assets when it comes to destination weddings, as no other chains offer it. E-mail


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