This fall, Key Notes On Travel has partnered with Jodi Fogel, a senior master trainer at Sales Gravy to present a three-part webinar series titled Sales EQ: The Emotional Experience Matters.

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During her first session, titled The Five Disciplines of Ultra-High Performance, Fogel stressed the importance of time discipline.

"Time is a non-renewable resource and we only have 24 hours a day. How we use that time is the greatest predictor of our success or our failure," said Fogel. "Ultra-high performers are almost robotic with their time. They understand the greatest threat to their success are the choices they make with their time." 

The Most Expensive Waste of Your Time is...


Fogel explained that valuing your time means acknowledging and unemotionally assessing the quality of buyers and prospects. 

"Ultra-high performers are so protective of their time that they do not want to work on anything that is not going to lead to a 'yes,'" said Fogel. "They are obsessed with being able to win probability in their favour. So [you've got to be] be very disciplined, knowing that the most expensive use of your time is working on the wrong opportunity or working with the wrong person - a person who is never going to say yes." 

Fogel cautioned advisors about leaning too far into a perceived opportunity simply because they've already invested some time. 

"Many times when we're working with a client, even if we've had no real traction or commitment, we begin to attach to the opportunity," Fogel explained. "We [feel encouraged] because they're continuing to talk to us and so we continue to invest more of our time into an opportunity that's never going to close."

As hard as it is to abandon a lead, advisors must be pragmatic when it comes to win probability. 

How to Sidestep Distractions

time management

On the topic of distractions, Fogel related her own challenges and how she overcomes them. 

"The majority of my adult career I've worked from home and when you work at a home office, it's incredibly easy to become distracted," she shared. 

Fogel then outlined the three primary ways we spend our time at work:  

  1. Trivial things: Tasks that are not a part of helping you succeed. 
  2. Important things: Activities like learning new skills that will aid in your professional development, product education or completing paperwork. These are things you need to do to get your job done. 
  3. Impact actions are activities or tasks that affect your income. “Impact” is prospecting and putting something in your pipeline.

Unfortunately, people don’t tend to prioritize through this lens. 

“If given a list of tasks, human beings will start with the most trivial first and then they'll move to important,” noted Fogel. “And then, sadly, [they’ll] leave impact for last. I say ‘sadly’ because most of the time we never get to impact, because all of our time is consumed by trivial or important.”

Fogel encouraged travel advisors to start tracking their time with a journal, even for just one week. If you’re the type of person who often asks, “Where did my time go?” at the end of the day, this exercise will benefit you.

She explained how to get started: “Journal your time and then go back and circle the things that were trivial, the things you could have avoided, and then look at what's left. Of that, what was really impactful and how can we take that impact and shift it to the beginning of the day?”

Bottom line: Don’t leave the hard stuff for the end of the day; front-load your morning with "impact" to best set yourself up for success. 


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