When it comes to selling travel, the world is your oyster. But where on earth do you begin? Creating your own seasonal sales map tool is a great way to showcase your products to your clients. Here’s how to do it…


1. Know your world

Veteran travel agents can pretty much sketch out a world map in their heads and pin-point numerous locations while they’re doing it. If you are new to selling travel, take some time to swot-up on the world map and the seven seasons—yes, seven. We have spring, summer fall and winter, as well as low, shoulder and high seasons within those main seasons.


2. Get seasonal

Create your map and add the types of vacations, tours and cruises that are available in each region. Let’s take Japan in May for example. You could add in fine print a comment about touring Kyoto or visiting sake shops in Tokyo. That way you’re nudging your clients into thinking: “Ah yes, we could visit Japan in the off season and—well look at that!—there’s that tour of Kyoto we’ve always wanted to do that’s so expensive in peak season…”


3. Grab centre stage

If you’re outgoing, grab a willing cameraman and stand in front of your agency’s wall map and talk about where your clients can go during the off season. If you do this remember to use a microphone so that your voice is not lost or muffled as you turn to the map. Keep your video to around three minutes or less as this is meant to be a call-to-action activity, not a 10-hour travelogue. 


4. Go social

If you are posting to any social media outlets that offer live streaming, dust of your showmanship and strut your stuff. A word of warning: it’s always a good idea to practice until you can deliver your message like a pro. Because winging-it never works out. Be sure to dress for the occasion too—not that a nude presentation wouldn’t garner some clicks!—but err on the side of full business attire if you’re not sure about your wardrobe.


5. The clock is ticking

By the time you read this it will be February or March. We’re already a month or two down and the seasons are on the move. Suppliers are working on their pricing, especially the rates based on the US dollar. There may be some excellent specials coming up, and it’s important that you are 100 percent on the ball when it comes to price deals. Not everybody is looking for a deal, but for those that are, you need to speak their language and have something to offer them. 

So it’s over to you. Start mapping out your seasonal concepts and be ready to do what you do so well: sell, sell, sell!



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