You might know me as "the guy with the camera." For close to 30 years, the last 23 of them with one particular Canadian travel trade publishing company, I've been meeting, greeting, interviewing, eating and travelling with, and, yes, snapping photos of the trade in this country (and elsewhere). "I just need you to smile for a 60th of a second!"

You also might know me as a witness to that infamous Cuba fam (my first) back in 1994 – who'd have thought some crazy travel agents would swipe non-descript hotel shower curtains prompting staff to chase our bus down the driveway? – and, most recently, Celebrity Cruises' first trade junket from this country, and dozens more in between…

And while I've started a new chapter in this most fortunate career – one that has taken me to 78 countries and on well over 200 trips – and my means of being able to communicate it continues to evolve at a dizzying pace (the Internet didn't even exist when I started; no, I'm not on Twitter yet!), the fundamentals are still precisely the same: interesting faces and places, and stories.

So, please look to this space each week for a collection of stories, observations, anecdotes, tips, humour, and oddities culled from a lifetime of travelling, as well as event and destination reports; quotes, interviews and perspective from industry people who know far more than me; plus a weekly round-up of relevant news that will help you sell and inform your decisions, the latter carefully vetted and delivered in a short format designed to put facts at the fingertips, and not subject to scroll bars and countless click- throughs. We know you're overwhelmed with a daily onslaught of the same news and we feel your pain. And we figure less is more is your gain.

As my life in travel rolls on, I'm looking forward to continuing to share it, here and in the monthly pages of CT and the quarterly issues of Canadian Traveller.

Look for me, write to me. I'll be the guy with the iPad.


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