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Credit: Arizona Office of Tourism/ Kelli Klymenko/Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau 2014

By Steve Crowhurst


Every time Arizona comes to mind I want to get into the car and head out on the highway, due south. It is a driving type of holiday for those who can and do. For others, it is a touring holiday, escorted all the way and then you can also rail it through the Grand Canyon and Verde Canyon and along other routes. No matter how you go or where you go, you’ll be seeing rocks and that prompted the ideas for how to sell Arizona in this issue. So let’s get busy and sell more Arizona.

Rock, Rocks & Rockin’

What comes to mind, your mind, when you read those words – rock, rocks and rockin’? What do you see, sense, feel? Let me help and explain what comes to my mind. The word rock can mean that something is solid, steady. It can refer to music. It can indicate a canyon, a cliff, the great outdoors. It can mean having a great time. You rock, this rocks, the place was rockin’ – all make for great promotional headlines.

It Ain’t ROCKet Science!

You know that adventure travel is one of the main vacation experiences on so many of your client’s bucket lists. With clients ready-made for Arizona and just waiting for your call, it ain’t rocket science to get them excited about packing their bags. One email with a link to an image featuring a gorgeous vista and you might be ready to stand back and take bookings.

That word adventure can be applied to so many activities and vacation styles too and then it’s all down to whatever rocks your clients. Here’s a few more Arizona vacation ideas that might just rock your clients world.

We’ve got:

  • The Grand Canyon of course – rock candy to the adventurer and photographer client alike.
  • Golf is always on the list for err… golfers…and when their putt ends up between a rock and hard place, they are going to require an anti-stress spa session.
  • Driving holidays by highway or off-road and on the rocks is another domain for those that love to drive themselves slightly over the edge. One more client for that end-of-day spa session.
  • For the artsy crowd on your client list they will never run out of galleries to visit. If you too enjoy art, perhaps you are an artist, there’s your sign. Create a series of Art Gallery Tours across the State. A tip: to earn more commissions, some gallery owners will pay you a percentage of what your clients spend at their store. See, make more money and then you too can visit that spa!
  • Your history buffs will enjoy a combination of indoor and outdoor adventures – talking museums and onsite locations where things, events and history actually happened.
  • Nature loving clients will also love to get out amongst the rocks and once again the world is wide open as to what you can conjure up for them, from woods to river to canyons.
  • Dining and nightlife adventures can be slotted in right after the day’s events or during the day. In this situation the phrase “on the rocks” has a whole new meaning. You know the famous quote about soft adventure trips such as hiking the Grand Canyon’s easier trails – “Take me out and thrill me, but bring me home for dinner” is the quote and it opens up a bunch of opportunities for you to factor in fine dining and clubbing after the outdoor events.
  • Shopping tours can be added to any of the above ideas or it can stand alone as a shop til ya rock event.
  • Visiting the keepers of the rocks is always a thrill. First Nations, Aboriginal, Native Americans… named by tribe too… - these adventures offer so much for those clients that until now knew nothing of this heritage and of course for those who are devotees of this niche market they’ll always want to go. The ancestors of these ancient people wrote on the rocks, carved the rocks, guarded the rocks and down through the years the latest generations have become the keepers and guardians.

Marketing Ideas

Okay. We’ve got our theme Arizona Rocks and now we just need to take that to market. Let’s start with that huge, free ad-space on top of your Facebook business page, the Timeline image area. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Here’s my mock-up of how your Timeline image could promote your tours to Arizona. You can request an image from the Arizona tourism team, crop it to suit the Facebook Timeline image area (851 x 315 pixels), add text to the image and then save it as a JPEG. Now you upload it to your Facebook page.

arizona rocksSteve Crowhurst

Keep On ROCKin’

Once you have your Arizona Rocks theme in motion, you can change your Facebook Timeline image – retaining the slogan – just change the image to another view of Arizona. Support your promotion through Twitter and perhaps #arizonarocks is your call to Twitter action. Post a similar image on Instagram and Pinterest.

If you have a wide image space on your website landing page why not add the 16:9 landscape layout of this same image there too? Might as well keep the theme.

ROCKIN’ Direct

As you will know by now the CASL HASSLE is alive and well. This means you cannot and must not reach out and touch any consumer who has not given you permission to do so. That said and put to bed, you can send out postcards. Direct mail is allowed. I know – it costs money honey – but you might recall, no money, no honey… honey. So buckle up and spend some of those old commissions you’ve banked and generate more sales using the art of Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing

Anything that lures a consumer to make contact with you is included with the Attraction Marketing folder. We’re talking images and video etc. When it comes to direct mail – go for images versus reams of text. Include links back to your website where the consumer can find even more ooh and ah images and videos of Arizona.

If you happen to have your own YouTube channel then you can also save videos found on YouTube to your own channel. Start collecting videos published by the Arizona tourism team and upload those to your channel. With this combination of social media marketing, direct mail, video and more – you should be ROCKIN’ and rollin’ in commissions.

Consumer Webinars

Come on, you know how to do this. I know you have attended many, many supplier webinars and so you know how they work. Be first in your area to set up a webinar for your clients and local population too. Work with the Arizona tourism team to arrange the webinar date and time and chances are, they might just deliver it for you. Hey you never know. If not, then it’s all down to you and your online presentation talents.

Consumer Presentations

If you are going to present, might as well go big and rock on stage. All it takes is practice and you’ll be a Rock Star at your own show called: ARIZONA ROCKS! Set the date and location, market your presentation throughout your client list, your local community newspaper, get yourself interviewed on the local radio station and of course print that t-shirt with the slogan, location and date. After that, walk every street in your town, city, village… take a selfie and post that too.

Gotta go. Break a leg, break a rock, break into some commissions. Sell Arizona. Why? Say it with me now… BECAUSE ARIZONA ROCKS!

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