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Brett Tollman, CEO of The Travel Corporation and Wolf Paunic, president of Trafalgar Tours in Canada.

By Ilona Kauremszky

Clients don’t need to fret about any early morning rises when booking a Trafalgar At Leisure trip--because there aren’t any.

And they can now also look forward to is posting feedback on Trafalgar’s newly-bolstered review site powered by, an independent third party review and rating agency that offers unedited and uncurated product reviews.

CT sat down with Trafalgar Canada’s new president Wolf Paunic and The Travel Corporation’s CEO Brett Tollman at Trafalgar Canada’s 2016 Europe and Britain product launch in Toronto.

Brett Tollman’s shared sage words of advice from the company’s chairman (his dad, Stanley Tollman): “Look, listen and learn” to customer feedback.

The one caveat, as Paunic told CT, is that the customer has had to have purchased the product: “Feefo reviewers have taken the product and reviewed their own personal experiences and we decided to open the reviews to our guests and business partners.”

Big Year Reviews

The tour operator is showcasing what is ‘best’ in its new banner marketing campaign: “Simply the Best”, with the use of user-generated comments alongside a glittering backdrop of Budapest.

Four pillars are used to describe the “Simply the Best” guided vacations: Simply Unequalled; Simply Effortless; Simply Perfect; and Simply Authentic. 

Trafalgar has leveraged the common theme that has permeated its reviews on Feefo with guests having documented “the best” adjective across the board. From the Travel Directors to the handcrafted itineraries, the Insider experiences to the overall stress-free element of vacationing with the brand, its 97 per cent (gold status) rating is now authenticated via the global review site.

trafalgar tours 2

In April Paunic noted Trafalgar became a Feefo Gold Merchant which is granted upon achieving a minimum 95 percent review rating: “Four months into the program we had 97 percent approval ratings through Feefo based on 13,400 reviews globally,” he said about the rating system.

The new Trafalgar 2016 Europe & Britain program is supported by a new webpage that's now live at and a new brand video The recently-launched Trafalgar app also enables guests to connect with the brand including the use of a new hashtag: #simplytrafalgar.

Trafalgar: Simply the Best

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