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To be successful in selling luxury travel, you need to have great product knowledge, an understanding of client needs, and a keen eye for detail.

First and foremost, though, you need to have the right clientele and often, even the most seasoned travel advisors don’t know where to find them.

Silversea Cruises is an especially unique product, specializing in ultra-luxury cruise experiences. Selling Silversea can prove lucrative, thanks to high price points and the delivery of experiences that earn travel advisors repeat business. To help you recognize how to connect with potential clientele, the experts at Silversea have helped CT compile these suggestions.


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1, Build relationships with affluent travellers.

You’ve likely learned by now that if a client comes in looking for a dollar-driven deal, they’re not simultaneously looking for an upscale vacation; these are the types of bookings that take up a lot of your time and energy with little return. With that in mind, focus your energy on clients who seek unique travel experiences rather than low prices. Not only will this allow you to exercise your abilities as a travel advisor more completely, you will reap the financial rewards of selling higher-ticket trips. This type of traveller is also more likely to value your service, and as a result, return to you time and time again.

2. Who’s looking to take that “trip of a lifetime”?

Do you have clients who might soon be celebrating a milestone, such as a wedding, anniversary, special birthday or even a retirement? These are all occasions in which people may be more apt to invest in a unique and high-end travel experience such as a Silversea cruise. Be sure to keep notes on clients throughout your relationship with them, so not to miss these opportunities when they arise. Further, communicate the idea to your database as a way to pique any potential interest, and market your services so travellers looking for that trip of a lifetime know to come to you first.

3. Single and ready to mingle?

Solo travellers can take advantage of single supplements as low as 110 per cent with Silversea, so the price point remains affordable for anyone looking for their own suite. Every voyage includes a champagne Welcome Reception, which makes it easier for these clients to meet and mingle with other solo travellers, and on select voyages, Gentlemen Hosts are also available as dance partners or dinner companions.

4. Sift through your database.

Do you have clients in your database who may have taken extended international land vacations in the past? Premium vacations, whether by land or sea? River cruises? These are all great prospects for Silversea sailings; they may just need a nudge in the right direction to start considering their next booking, so reach out to them with upcoming sailings and itineraries to get the wheels in motion.

5. Partner with like-minded organizations. 

Once you have a closer look at your existing client list, it’s time to think outside the box. Consider teaming up with local organizations and businesses that charge high-end membership fees, such as country clubs or dinner clubs, to host a special soirée. With this tactic, you will gain exposure among qualified leads, by showing-off the exclusive experiences only you can provide to them. You may even consider taking these partnerships one step further by promoting a group sailing experience for members.


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Quick tips on selling luxury

- Become an expert on the Silversea product; you must know more to sell more, and often this means experiencing a sailing first-hand.

- Make an emotional connection. Share noteworthy client experiences as a way to entice others into making their own memories.

- Uncover where your clients are itching to go and let them know when new itineraries are available that align with these bucket list wishes.

- Be accessible and responsive, and go the extra mile for your clients.

- Remember your differentiator is in the details your work covers, from the time they leave home to the time they return.


Credit: Silversea


Did you know...

Clients who have booked river cruises in the past are the ideal Silversea guest.

River cruise clientele have similar customer traits, demographics and travel goals as Silversea cruisers, according to the company’s research.

For one, they enjoy benefits of a small ship experience. This includes:
- An intimate environment
- Comfortable accommodations
- Upscale amenities
- Access to small ports
- Small group tours

In addition, they understand and appreciate the value included with all-inclusive packages, such as:
- Fine dining options
- Free-flowing champagne, wines and spirits
- Shore excursions on select sailings
- Complimentary WiFi


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