During the winter series of Key Notes On Travel, members had the chance to connect with social media expert, Corey Perlman.

Perlman focused on how travel advisors can be “authentically social” on their social platforms and offered tips on when, how and what to post. Participants then had the chance to ask him insightful questions about the practical applications of his theories as they relate to their businesses.

Here’s a recap of the top take-aways:


Set your social media goals

YOUR GOAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA is to inspire your connections to #takethetrip and come to the realization that they shouldn’t do it without you. Engage, educate and empower.

Which platforms should you be on?

  • Focus on Instagram and Facebook. That’s where your people are! (Your current market is on Facebook – baby boomers and Gen X-ers, and your upcoming market of millennials is on Instagram). These are visual platforms, which work well in the travel space.
  • Double down on your personal pages rather than business pages; connect with friends and your personal network to move the needle to future business.
  • There is still value in maintaining social media real estate for business profiles; just prioritize those after your personal pages.


Establish your "authentic identity"

Before you get started on creating a social media strategy, establish your “authentic identity.” To help define this, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • How do people describe you?
  • Why do people love working with you?

Once you decide on your “authentic identity,” create a content strategy that leverages it to demonstrate your depth of knowledge and evoke emotion. A content calendar should be part of this plan. To help you get started, Perlman offers this handy example:

  • MOTIVATE MONDAY: Travel imagery that illicits an emotional response.
  • TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY: Share a testimonial from a client so your network gets to know the impact of your work
  • WTF WEDNESDAY: “What to Film.” Shoot a video; maybe destination insight or a clip from one of your own travel experiences.
  • TRAVEL TIP THURSDAY: Offer travel tips – but try to keep them as original as possible. The idea is to give your connections more reasons not to book a trip without you.
  • FUNNY FRIDAY: Give your friends a giggle with some travel humour (there are plenty of memes and cartoons out there!).


Mine for content

Wondering where you can source content to consistently post five days a week?


  • Take photos and videos throughout your own travel experiences, or write blogs.
  • Don’t be shy – ask your friends and clients if you can share posts they made while travelling.
  • Refer to websites with relevant content (we’re biased but we do recommend and other travel blogs, websites and social media pages.
  • Make a free account on, so you can create your own travel memes. You don’t need to worry about sourcing images or designing something visually appealing; the platform does it for you so all you have to do is plug in your own words. (TIP: Key Notes On Travel subscribers can join the exclusive Key Notes On Travel Facebook group, where we share content you can use on your own page, every #memeMonday.)

Whatever you do, don’t: talk politics; post a lot of things in a short period of time; be a perfectionist; or feel like you have to post.



Get started: Corey’s one-month action plan:

Week 1:

Work on your Facebook and Instagram profiles to get them to a point that you’re proud of. This may include updating your information, cover photo, profile picture, etc. Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts with clients. (Yes, add them as friends!)

Week 2:

Begin to post daily, based on your editorial calendar. Play with your resources. Add 10 new connections.

Week 3:

Continue to post daily. Shoot video, whether talking about a destination or travelling somewhere. Create a script you can add to your clients’ travel documents, asking them to tag you as they share their trip on social media (so you can follow their journey but also, they’re promoting your work!). Again, add another 10 connections.

Week 4:

More daily posting. Try creating an Instagram or Facebook story. Begin using the script in your communications with clients. And, you guessed it, add 10 more connections.


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