Jamie Fox, Air Canada’s manager for business development, explains how William Hosking of Toronto’s TTI Travel went the Extra Mile for one of his clients…

air canada extra mile travel agent

“Because of Williams’ passion for his job and his compassion and empathy for his travellers, our passenger made it home in the nick of time to say “Good-bye”.

“Our passenger was in Azerbaijan and two days prior to his return, he received the news that his father in Ottawa was in his last moments. William suggested sending him directly to Ottawa however the traveller wanted to go home to Toronto first and then make his way to Ottawa.

“When he reached London Heathrow to board Air Canada at about 14:30, he reached out to his family who basically said “it’s any minute now”. The flight to Ottawa was at 15:30 and he had already changed terminals. In the space of 15 minutes, William re-issued our traveller’s ticket, cancelled his check-in to open up the coupon status and checked the assigned gate online so the client could race down to the gate. All the while he was calling the Air Canada Circle of Excellence line, so that he could send a message to the gate staff. Miraculously the client made it to the gate and Air Canada boarded him after the cut-off point.

“Because of William’s quick action and big heart, our traveller arrived in Ottawa and was able to say good-bye to his father, as his father passed two hours after his arrival into Ottawa.

“William, Air Canada says ‘Thank You’ for going the Extra Mile. Your actions made a huge difference to an Air Canada traveller.”

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