Your clients need their beauty sleep… But are you selling them a hotel room that’s going to help them get some precious shut-eye?


It's been known for some time, but few people—especially your clients—talk about it unless you're their hairdresser.

For years now, you may have been selling your clients the wrong hotel room. It's also quite possible that their personal sleeping habits and arrangements have changed and when not applied, that can add stress to their vacation.

There's a movement within the Baby Boomer generation to sleep in separate beds... It’s nothing to do with having sex you see, as that can happen anywhere for Baby Boomers! No, this is all about having a great night’s sleep, pure and simple. A great night’s sleep is actually the foundation to living a healthy and less-stressed life. It is also a great rejuvenator for all of those nudge-nudge, wink-wink moments outside the bedroom!

Over the years the studies have been done and reports have been written. The outcome showed that sleeping in separate beds adds to the marriage. In fact, marriages and relationships were believed to be stronger because the stress caused by the lack of sleep had gone. Parents where more rested and better equipped to handle their children and work related issues.


Selling the right room

Now, of course you can't come out and ask: “So, do you guys still sleep together?” But you can ask what type of bed they prefer in their room and go with their answer. Try something like this: “Any preference in type and number of beds, king size, double, two doubles..?”

What you've accomplished here is to move away from the usual format of an all-in-one question. You've managed to split the one question into two, allowing your clients to select what's best for them. Next, you might feel inclined to offer a suite with two bedrooms, or you could offer the adjoining room combination.


Marketing your sleep deep program

Don’t worry: you won’t be shot at dawn or thought of as anti-marriage. In fact you’ll be in good company with the hotel chains who are already adapting their amenities to suit the changing sleeping habits of Baby Boomers.

So have some fun. Make some noise. Get noticed in your community and bring in some new dollars and possibly some new clients.  Here’s a couple of slogans you can play with:

  •       ‘Save your marriage this vacation and book a suite! Details when you call.’
  •       ‘Finding vacations stressful? All you need is a good night’s sleep. Talk to us about our Sleep Deep program.’
  •       ‘After a fantastic day on the beach, does your partner steal the sheets, snore and wake you up? Talk to us about our Sleep Deep Vacation ideas.’
  •       ‘Surveys say: Vacations are stressful when you can’t sleep deep. Call us, we have the answer.’

You can come up with better slogans to best suit your own ideas. Work with your preferred hotel chain BDMs and see what other ideas you can come up with. Be the first and create a marketing campaign that will wake them all up a bit!

And with that, I’ll wish you good night.



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