Machu Picchu’s overwhelming popularity has prompted Peru’s government to introduce new admission rules designed to protect its top tourism site.


With approximately 1.4 million visitors a year – a 700 per cent increase since the 1980s -- the iconic citadel city of the Incas archaeological site is beginning to “wear away.” As a result, ticket sales will be divided into morning (6 a.m. to noon) and afternoon (12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.) segments, though visitors will have the option to buy both if they choose. Prices have not been announced.


Originally set to be implemented this summer, the changes are now expected to come into effect in January, 2018, reports Goway, which adds, “The change is an attempt to manage crowding, easing the stress on the fragile ruins. It means a little more red tape, but with the greater good in mind, keeping Machu Picchu in great shape and accessible for future travellers. Authorities in Peru have been considering the change for some years, seeing it as both logical and eco friendly.”


machu picchu
Credit: Pixabay
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