Are modern room furnishings, gourmet dining and sparkling infinity pools impressive? You bet. But let’s be candid, those features are to be expected of 4 and 5-star Caribbean resorts. While many are satisfied to sit on luxe laurels, the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotels are chief among the brands taking a hard pass at simply offering up the expected. In fact, they’re making the competition look like a beach snooze. Yes, Hard Rock still shines for its beloved and iconic memorabilia but unique offerings are proving the brand is truly a lifestyle complement for vacationing music lovers. Here are 8 ingenious ways the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotels are creatively indulging guests. 


1. Have a jam session in your room

(c) Hard Rock Hotels(c) Hard Rock Hotels

Have an all-encompassing music experience in the comfort of your hotel room...without travelling with all of your equipment. Sound of Your Stay includes a ‘menu’ of 20 Fender models on loan, downloadable playlists and rental DJ equipment. All this is available at no extra cost. No need to worry about offending the neighbours either. Blue Mo-Fi headphones allow for a high volume jam session with zero noise complaints, perfect for those who find inspiration after dusk. 


2. Meet n’greet fellow rockers

(c) Hard Rock Hotels(c) Hard Rock Hotels

Be as social (or anti-social) as you want; it's your holiday! Meet and greet fellow holidaying rockers in lobby bars and hang out spaces which have been specially designed as social gathering places. Some properties even have DJ booths in the lobbies. 


3. VIBE — Visionary Individual Behind Energy

(c) Hard Rock Hotels(c) Hard Rock Hotels

Every Hard Rock Hotel has a VIBE Manager who is in charge of overseeing the “vibe” and “feel” of every part of the hotel at different times throughout the day. This is the person responsible for NOT playing Metallica in the lobby at 6 a.m., or opera music during a happy hour. They also control the lighting and basically have the coolest job ever. 


4. Live music

(c) Hard Rock Hotels(c) Hard Rock Hotels

This almost goes without saying: all hotel and resort properties double as venues for live music. When it comes to resort entertainment it's all cool, no corny. Unless you mean Korn. 

Pictured above: Little John


5. Music Lab

(c) Hard Rock Hotels(c) Hard Rock Hotels

Ever wanted to learn to spin records? Or rock out in a band? How about a private studio recording session or shooting your own music video? Music Lab allows you to do just that with the assistance of Rock and DJ Counselors. Four interactive programs immerse guests into the spotlight to indulge their rock star fantasies. Music Lab is currently offered at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun and Riviera Maya to guests 12 and older. 


6. Local flavours

(c) Hard Rock Hotels(c) Hard Rock Hotels

Fun fact: with more than 80,000 priceless and legendary pieces, Hard Rock International is the owner of the world’s largest music memorabilia collection. Properties are part music museum, with curated memorabilia showcases adorning the walls.

At the all-inclusives guests will find sleek, bold, colorful design inspired by local talent. For instance, admire Shakira memorabilia in Latin American destinations. 


7. Rock Star Suites

(c) Hard Rock Hotels(c) Hard Rock Hotels

Rock Star Suites are Hard Rock’s version of the classic penthouse. True music lovers can travel with their entire “entourage” and stay in star-studded digs. One undeniable highlight is the Rock Star Suite at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. It is the first celebrity branded suite, designed by Bret Michaels himself.


8. Rhythm & Motion

(c) Hard Rock Hotels(c) Hard Rock Hotels

Recognizing not all spa-goers want to listen to ‘earthy sounds’ and gurgling water, Hard Rock recently launched the first fully music-infused spa: Rhythm & Motion. Some may call this a revolution of the spa experience. 

How does it work? The signature treatment — called Synchronicity — is a modernized Swedish massage. Guests lay on a table equipped with speakers which send vibrational pulls and bass through the body. A speaker-like dome (envision a hair dryer at the salon) hangs overhead and plays an expertly curated playlist, ranging from Fleetwood Mac to the Rolling Stones (think movie soundtrack). In this setting therapist movements are synchronized to the music and beats, bringing the experience full circle. 


Why we love the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotels

Each all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel is an affordable yet unique beachfront property that feature luxury accommodations. What does that mean? In-room double hydro tubs, fine dining, top-shelf drinks, 24-hour room service, live entertainment, expansive pools with swim up bars; to name a few! And of course, the resorts are chock-full of the iconic custom rockstar memorabilia we all know and love. 


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