Before “likes” there was songs. And, for the most part, if someone was singing about a place, the tune served in tourism terms as a memorable, ongoing advertisement for the destination that didn’t disappear with the click of a keyboard. “Irish eyes are smiling,” “The bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond,” “I want to be a part of it, New York, New York,” to give but a few examples.
Another metric of desirability, surely, is how many songs are written about a locale. And to the end, California scores near the top of the list. Indeed, Wikipedia lists over a hundred songs with the name “California” alone, crooned by an alphabetical abundance of artists from Al Jolson to Wiz Khalifa. And that doesn’t even include songs about how it never rains there, its beautiful girls/gurls, or the accommodation sector (“Hotel California, such a lovely place!”)
No disrespect to Idaho, but that state doesn’t even merit a category in the online database.
With such a sense of place ingrained in our collective consciousness, it’s only natural that CT would devote deserved coverage to the Golden State, and we’ve done just that in a special 24-page supplement to this month’s issue (December). There’s no sheet music, I’m afraid, but you’ll still find plenty of engaging info; check it out here:
California, girl jumping

Countless songs about California subconsciously help keep the State uppermost in consumer's minds.

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