Meet Laura Batey, top-selling Melia Cuba agent and owner of Flamborough Travel Plus.

Laura Batey1. What characteristics identify an ideal Melia Cuba/Paradisus client?

Clients who want a quality resort with excellent staff, unique cultural and historical opportunities and those that want to experience the "Authentic Cuba" are the ideal Melia Clients. We also take the opportunity to persuade clients that have been to Cuba in the past and who have not enjoyed themselves (have not stayed at Melia!) to re-experience Cuba the Melia Cuba way!

2. Which questions do you ask to help narrow down the ideal property for your prospect?

We qualify our clients by asking several questions:

1 – Pool or Beach?
2 – Active or Relaxing?
3 – Adults-Only or Family?
4 - What is your Budget? $$
5 – Large resort or Boutique Property?

3. How do you position Melia Cuba to clients who have never been to a Melia property?

First of all, I explain to my clients that Melia Cuba resorts are, in my experience, some of the finest resorts in Cuba. They have a consistent standard of service throughout their resorts.

I then go on to describe the food quality to my clients. Over the years, the number one complaint from visitors returning from Cuba has been the food: bland, unappealing, tasteless, unappetizing, we've all heard it. I explain to my guests that Melia Cuba brought their executive chefs from Spain to Cuba and have taught them how to cook for the "tourist palate". Their food quality is some of the best on the Island. They also offer resorts that are located on some of the finest beaches in all of Cuba.

4. Are there any upselling tactics that you find particularly successful?

Since most of our staff have stayed at Melia/Paradisus Resorts, we find the first-hand experience and knowledge that we convey to our clients is particularly helpful when upselling to a Melia Resort.

5. What makes you feel most comfortable about recommending Melia Cuba to your clients?

Consistency throughout their resorts. We have been selling Melia Cuba resorts almost exclusively for the past 10 years and have had 2 very minor customer service issues in all that time. I can't say that about other resort chain in Cuba. We also receive amazing support from our wonderful Sales Executive, Brenda Bradley, who has imparted on us her great knowledge of everything Melia Cuba.

6. What consistently surprised you and/or your clients about Melia Cuba?

Personally, I have stayed at 4 Melia/Paradisus resorts in Cuba. What surprised me was the staff at each resort. There was a real pride of "ownership" in all their properties that was apparent from start to finish. They simply could not do enough for their guests and were proud of their resort, their town/city and their culture. Each Melia property is different and unique to the area where it is located. The resorts are spotlessly clean, well-managed, well maintained and offer guests a truly upscale Cuban experience.

And of course, they also offer fabulous Cuban Weddings!


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