Gippsy López Reyes


1. How long have you been the Sales Manager at this property?

I've been enjoying every minute working at Melia Cayo Coco Hotel for seven years now!

2. What are the top five characteristics of your guest profile?

Melia Cayo Coco is a smaller and more intimate resort of 250 rooms located on a quiet and luxurious beach. This unique property is adults-only and attracts guests who are looking for an intimate and romantic getaway and who are both nature- and beach-lovers.

3. What has made your property the top choice for romance and couples in the destination?

Because of its more intimate size and fewer guest rooms, it's a quieter property which makes it the perfect location for guests to focus on the time they're spending together. Some of its bungalows are raised on stilts over the lagoon which offer only the most idyllic views and gorgeous Cuban sunsets.

4. How would you recommend travel agents position your property against its competitors?

Melia Cayo Coco should be positioned as quiet and romantic luxury that caters to an adults-only demographic. It's ideal for those who are most interested in relaxing and spending time together rather than filling their days with loads of activities. Evening entertainment is low-key – musicians in the evening, for example, rather than dance clubs, and our rooms are all beautifully appointed.

5. What surprises guests most about your property?

Guests are surprised first by the exceptional friendliness and professionalism of our staff; they arrive expecting a high level of service and attention and leave feeling like part of the Melia Cayo Coco family! Second, the perfection of our gardens and resort landscaping is definitely a "wow factor"; third, the quiet and intimate ambiance of the hotel lines up again and again with the perfect romantic getaway that the clients have envisioned prior to their stay. And finally, I'm happy to brag that the food is the best in the Cayos- our chef is amazing and draws rave reviews all the time.

6. What's the most unique request you've received from a guest that you've been able to help accommodate?

I'd have to say one of our beach weddings! The groom had seen an advertisement for a Caribbean wedding where the wedding ring was placed on a beautiful pink shell for the ceremony. He'd carried that picture in his mind as a perfect vision of what he wanted on his wedding day. We found a shell that was almost a perfect replica of the picture he'd sent and got the ring placed just like in the advertisement. Bringing that vision to life for him was such a great feeling! We also placed coconuts with candles in them all around the dinner tables and decorated the area with the bride's favourite colours and flowers. It was a dream come true for them and my team and I were happy and proud to be a part of it!


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