Silvana Frappier didn’t set out to host a luxury online travel
video series but if all stays the course, she stands to
“influence” her way to the bank.break

Silvana Frappier

AGENCY: NS Destinations, an affiliate of Largay Travel
BASED OUT OF: Auburn, New Hampshire

FOUR YEARS AGO, Silvana Frappier took a deep breath and made a measured leap into selling luxury travel. The timing, as it turns out, was impeccable: her career change and budding business intersected with the rise of social media and influencer marketing. In a mature industry, the travel agent playbook could be rewritten by those who could read the HTML on the wall.

Frappier had much to learn but knew with exacting certainty where travel would take her – and her clients. “My niche is destinations less known. There are tons out there that aren’t marketed to North Americans. I really wanted to bring those destinations to the eye of the consumer in a beautiful way,” Frappier tells KNOT.

A chance suggestion to audition for a producer offered an opportunity to do so through video storytelling.

“I was approached two years ago. A friend knew a producer who was starting a media brand called Page 28 (named for the number of pages in an American passport) that would focus on the luxury travel market,” Frappier explains before clarifying: “But the videos would be different. The vision was that they would be hosted by an advisor, much like a celebrity chef; a celebrity advisor.” The first installation of Luxe Less Known filmed in Italy and though the series serves as a selling tool, Frappier resists positing it as promotional.

The primary goal is to entertain and inform. The videos are a beautiful mix of cinematography and storytelling. They give viewers a chance to get to know me and how I approach planning travel, which is really what you want when looking for a travel advisor.

Silvana Frappier

The Internet is rife with travellers posing in perfect places. Frappier feels the current look and feel of social media marketing lacks authenticity.

“A lot of [promoted travel] videos I see of professional quality are selling direct. They are filmed with models or actors who look stunning in a bathing suit next to a pool, but they aren’t very helpful when it comes to planning a great trip. Page 28’s aim is to produce videos that deliver a real professional’s perspective. So when I’m in a video, I’m giving my best advice and anyone can benefit from it.” When it comes to Instagram, Frappier tells KNOT that many popular influencers suffer a credibility paradox: as their following increases, many become beholden to sponsors which erodes authenticity. (Not to mention the rise of “doing it for the ‘Gram.”) But for Frappier, social media means bookings, not sponsorship.

“I think the new travel influencer – advisor influencing – is the way to go,” she emphasizes. “A passion for travel is a given – what an advisor offers is the desire to serve.

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