Regional Marketing Manager, Canada 

Where are you based and how long have you been with Celebrity?

I am based in Toronto. I’ve been with Celebrity for five years. Prior to Celebrity, I was in the wine and spirits industry.

So, what does your role entail?

I handle the marketing strategy and implementation, communications and PR, sponsorships and partnerships in the Canadian market. I provide marketing leadership and support to the Celebrity Cruises Canadian sales team, who in turn support our important travel partners. I work closely with our sales team and travel partners to plan and implement various marketing strategies and initiatives.

Can you give us an example?

A great example of this would be working with our team and travel partners on our All Included Caribbean Vacation program marketing. The 2018 winter program had flights departing from nine cities and each city had a co-op strategy that required implementation.

And tell us about your role in planning Celebrity’s all-important fam trips.

A major opportunity we now offer to our travel partners are our popular Jet Set Fam Trips, where we fly our travel partners to South Florida, tour one of our spectacular ships and offer an education component. I take the lead in organizing and running these trips and spend a great deal of time ensuring these are a fantastic experience for our travel partners.

I also manage the creative, collateral and assets for our Canadian initiatives, plan of many of our travel partner training events and our more out-of-the box events such as the Edge Mobile Theater.

Tell us about the mobile theatre and how it helped travel counsellors.

The Edge Mobile theatre was a North America-wide initiative that ran in spring-summer of 2017. We literally had a mobile theatre that travelled from city to city to launch sales for our new ship, Celebrity Edge. Each city had a grand activation where guests were treated to champagne and truffle popcorn while watching a movie about Celebrity Edge. In Canada, we were able to collaborate with our travel partners on some of these activations. It was a great experience for their clients and everyone involved.

What else should agents know about the Celebrity Edge?

We just had our latest Edge Reveal announcing the ship’s culinary plans to the world. There will be 29 world-class venues, including four main dining restaurants, two exclusive Suite and AquaClass restaurants, seven brand new speciality restaurants, five complimentary dining venues, and 11 bars and lounges, giving guests a cross-continental culinary journey with more restaurant and bar options than ever before. But the highlight will certainly be an exhilarating, sky-high dinner cantilevered 16 decks above the ocean. It will be like nothing guests have ever experienced at sea!

Any other news you want to share?

This could be a good time to talk about our Ben Fogle’s Great Adventures program, which has added 11 new excursions. The program, designed in collaboration with the world-renowned adventurer and recently appointed Celebrity Cruises Global Destination Ambassador, gives our guests the opportunity to explore destinations through the eyes of a local. They can experience culture, history, famous sights, wildlife and adventure at ports of calls throughout Europe, and now the Caribbean and Alaska as well.

What sort of tools are available to agents to enhance their Celebrity sales?

I absolutely love The Celebrity Commitment. This website underscores Celebrity Cruises’ commitment to our travel partners by providing useful information and allowing travel partners to share official promotions with their customers to help increase their sales. Available on the website are monthly promotions, information about the onboard experience, groups, Celebrity Edge, a multitude of informative webinars, videos and much more. We also have a French section on the site where many of the documents and tools have been translated for our French Canadian travel partners. It really is a wonderful tool on so many levels.

What is the best way for agents to engage with Celebrity in Canada?

There are so many ways! Definitely keep in touch with your Celebrity market sales manager or inside sales manager. They are so knowledgeable and amazing at what they do. Follow us on our Canadian Facebook page – many of our MSMs also have excellent Facebook pages specifically for their travel partners. It’s a great way to keep on top of information and all our promotions. Keep an eye out for future training events and fam trips – we have some in the works for later this year. And, of course, read CT to find out news about Celebrity Cruises!

.   .   .   .

Jennifer Barker, regional marketing manager, Canada, works enthusiastically for our travel partners behind the scenes. Jennifer is also our key Canadian contact with the trade press ensuring all new happenings within Celebrity are communicated to our travel partners. For these and many more reasons, it’s time you get to know her.  – Celebrity Cruises



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