Palau is an outdoor wonderland filled with activities, adventure and culture.  The best way to sum up the natural assets of this Micronesian paradise is an "alphabet soup" of options, as per below:

Alligators, aboard the River Jungle Boat Cruise

Betel nut, the nut of the betel palm that in small doses generally leads to euphoria and increased flow of energy

Coral Reef Center, an educational environment designed to inform guests of Palau about the destination's rich marine biodiversity

Diving, of course, it's the number one scuba diving destination in the world

Elilai, perhaps Palau's freshest restaurant, featuring a bounty of locally caught fish and seafood along with organic vegetables

Fruit Bat Soup, other than the fish and seafood, this is Palau's most bizarredish

Giant clams, Palau is home of 7 out of 9 species of clams in the world

History, a matriarchal society, Palau is full of rich cultural heritage, architecture and folklore

Intriguing, everything about this destination has an intriguing tale, from the history and people to the adventures and eco-culture

Jellyfish Lake, the only place in the world where one can safely swim with jellyfish

Kiss of a dolphin at Dolphin's Pacific

Live-a-boards, one of the most popular forms of accommodations for divers

Milky Way, this locale is nature's spa and the source of a white "beauty cream" for which millionaires around the globe pay hundreds of dollars

Ngardmau Waterfall, the hike in may be a bit treacherous, but well worth the effort

Olechotel Belau Fair, annual cultural and arts & crafts fair in July

Palau, simply the best place on Earth!

Quiet lagoons, only accessible via kayak

Rock Islands, renowned iconic image of Palau

Storyboards, the native art form that illustrates cultural legends

Tons of underwater wildlife with over 1,300 species of fish and more than 700 species of coral

Underwater wonder of the world, according to CEDAM International, an American-based non-profit group for divers, dedicated to ocean preservation and research

Viewsno matter where you are or where you go, above or below the water, the views are truly all over the place and the more stunning than any other place on earth

World War II history, visit Peleliu known as the home of one of the war's bloodiest battle

X-clusive tours for families, divers, adventure seekers from the destination's many tour operators

Yap Stone Money, neighboring island of Yap quarried their huge stone money from Palau's limestone--- "Quarry in Palau and Bank in Yap"

Zero Fighter or "Zeke" was Japan's most popular and lethal airplane during WWII and one is now anchored on a shallow reef in Palau, available for snorkel viewing at the Ngaremediu Reef


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