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By Enlisting The Services of Miami Personal Shopper to Incorporate the Best Looks and Trends of the Season Into Their Luxurious Wardrobes

Nothing ruins a holiday faster then when a husband has to go shopping with his wife and all he really wants to do is relax on Miami’s beach.  So what’s his solution?  He hires Miami Personal Shopper, Miami’s premier image stylists of choice, to take his wife personal shopping and has them pick up some items for himself too.  Miami Personal Shopper is the lifestyle resource for internationally well-travelled individuals living part-time or vacationing in Miami from the United States, Latin America, and Europe. From Dadeland, Aventura, to Lincoln Road Mall, they guide vacationing clients through Miami’s shopping maze. Miami Personal Shopper’s internationally certified and globally travelled personal stylists ensure you know when, where, and how to get everything you need during your stay, and take the worry and confusion out of what to buy and what to wear for any occasion.

Their personalized service does not stop with serving clients only in Miami.  They often have requests to shop and ship clothing items to clients in the Cayman Islands and South America for a minimum service charge of US$300. The client tries on all the hand selected clothing by their stylists in the comfort of their own home, and when they visit Miami, Miami Personal Shopper takes them shopping to round out their wardrobe for every occasion. Russians love using Miami Personal Shopper to radiate status and prestige, while New Yorkers love Miami Personal Shopper to help them maintain their polished and pristine look while still trying to look casually resort chic.  They help clients find just what they need.

Miami Personal Shopper offers more than just personal shopping assistance. They help clients identify the best stores appropriate for them based on their lifestyle and personal style. Their stylists help clients choose brands that enable them to create a distinct look that reflects their own personal style, that complements their body type, and are age and occasion appropriate. They help clients select clothing and accessories according to their needs, preferences, and fashion goals as well as discover how to begin, build, and broaden their wardrobe with a group of coordinated pieces of clothing.  They maximize the impact the client’s clothing investment by creating multiple outfit variations according to color while assisting clients in developing smart shopping techniques that are essential when time is an issue.

One of Mikaela’s Naples based corporate housewife client states, “I would so love to have you help me with my clothes again. Everything you pulled together for me has been great!”  Miami Personal Shopper's personal shopping service takes the guesswork out of where to shop and what to shop for. Their stylists understand fashion and style.  From classic styles to modern, sexy and contemporary looks, they've gone through extensive training and have hands-on experience that makes a shopping trip to the mall exciting and enjoyable.

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