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India is the number one culinary destination for Canadian travellers as small group tour operator Intrepid Travel reports the country is the top selling destination from its Real Food Adventures range.

Accounting for over 35% of total Real Food Adventure sales, India has been a favourite for Canadians hungry to chow down on an authentic curry, sip a spiced chai and dip a roti into a range of condiments. Vietnam is also proving popular making up 27% of total sales followed by Mexico at 11%.

Intrepid launched the Real Food Adventures in 2013, a new tour style focusing on local and grassroots food experiences. The tours are designed to get travellers off the beaten trail, providing unique opportunities to cook in a family's kitchen or try tasty street food, while still seeing the main draws of a destination.

While Vietnam is Intrepid's most popular food destination globally, "India has been number one for us from the beginning and consistently remains the top choice for Canadians", says Christian Wolters, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Intrepid Travel. "Canada's diverse culture introduces us to a lot of worldly cuisine, but often leaves you wanting more", adds Wolters. "India cuisine is so different and unique and is something you can truly appreciate when you visit".

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The 14-day India Real Food Adventure tours from Delhi to Goa, with opportunities to participate in cooking classes and demonstrations. Travellers visit a traditional Indian family home to learn how to make alloo paratha and stay in a rural village to see how authentic dishes from the desert are made.

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The tour was part of the original 6 Real Food Adventures that has since grown to 14 tours in countries all over the world, highlighted by Peru and Sri Lanka which were introduced this year. Intrepid's Food Adventures have been one of the most successful new product launches in its 25 year history.

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