With Ron Lonsdale, Doug Patterson, Brett Walker & Nalinie Sharma


Here are the key takeaways from our conversation with Collette:

- Selling Collette product is a major revenue-generator for travel advisors. 

- Collette has a 98 per cent success factor of clients who say, "I will travel with you again" and "I will recommend you," which is valuable for travel advisors.

- Collette does not discount its product.

- Collette has delivered no less than $5 million revenue in groups.

- More choice, more expertise, more choice on-tour: these features allow travel advisors to customize their group tour for clients.

- With any air booked through Collette, enjoy door-to-door Sedan service within 100 kilometers from any airport, or 150 kilometers with a surcharge.

- BDMs are available for sales and education support.

- The Passion Play in Oberammergau is a unique experience that travel advisors should begin selling to their clients now.

- 2018 will mark Collette's 100th anniversary. 


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