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This quarter, 
Key Notes On Travel is examining time management with productivity expert Neen James.

Neen's first session taught travel advisors how to get more done in less time by using her "Folding Time™" strategy. The second session explore attention. Attention in the context of how one focuses their precious time (on what and with whom) but also how to cut through a noisy world to attract the right kind of attention.

Neen explains why it's important to pay mind to how you're perceived: "You are a product in your workplace and in your community. Investing intentional attention building a strong personal brand is vital if you want to attract the right type of attention in your personal and professional life."

In her book Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity and Accountability, Neen quotes Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who famously said, "Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room." 

It's time to look inward and ask what brand you've been advertising to the world. Can you accurately guess how others might describe you behind closed doors? 

If you're drawing blanks, now is the perfect time to perform a brand audit. 


Neen James' Personal Brand Audit

what is your professional brand

Ask five people you trust to describe you in three words. Are there any shared traits or characteristics? 

Key Notes On Travel (KNOT) asks: What surprised you? What feedback isn't aligned with the perception you hold of yourself?

Create brand guidelines. Establish some guiding principles for yourself and be consistent. 

KNOT: Not sure where to start? How about examining the traits you admire in others? Alternatively, it's sometimes easier to describe guidelines for what you won't do. 

Choose your wardrobe carefully. Every outfit you wear signals to the world how you want to be treated. 

KNOT: It's okay to signal your laid-back style through casual attire, just be sure that choice is aligned with the personal brand you are aspiring to reflect. 

Invest in quality accessories. Your pen, bag, wallet, luggage and glasses are all reflections of your style and reflect how [much or how little] you pay attention to detail. 

BriefcaseMarten Bjork

Surround yourself with people with whom you are proud to be associated
KNOT: Take a look at the people you spend a good deal of time with and take stock of how each person makes you feel. 

Be generous with your time and resources. 

Strategically use social media platforms. Our policy is to never post anything negative and we don't allow pictures to be tagged or posted online without approval. 

Be consistent - in your dress, speech, action, and communication. 

Update your voicemail. Allow callers to experience your personality with an interesting message. 

Change your email signature. Include relevant contact information and a quote or website for more information about you and your company. 

Send interesting out-of-office messages. Grab your email reader's attention with clever messages that surprise and delight. 

Be attentive in meetings and video conferences. Be engaged. Don't check e-mail or text messages. 

Walk into the room with purpose. Put your phone away before you enter the room; smile, shake hands, and acknowledge the people around you. 

Be well-read. Subscribe to magazines, read blogs, listen to podcasts, and review executive book summaries. This allows you to have an interesting conversation with anyone you meet. 

Always have a question. In a company town hall meeting or at a conference, ask a strategic question of the speaker or leader that will benefit everyone in the room. 

Establish a personal development plan. Include a daily reading file, watch TED Talks, read blogs, attend training programs and listen to podcasts. 

Develop strong presentation skills for internal meetings, company updates, and any time you present ideas to a group of people.

Invest in mentors and coaches to accelerate development areas of productivity, presentation, and leadership skills. 

Attend industry conferences and networking events. Prepare an interesting response to the question, "So what do you do?" 


Originally featured in Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity, and Accountability.Published with permission of Neen James. 


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