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Social media for business is a lot like relationships; you have a lot to gain from it, but man, it takes a lot of work. And although everyone around you is encouraging you to “go for it!” nobody really tells you what tactics to employ to be as successful as possible.

To aid in your social media journey, we’ve compiled this helpful guide to inspire ideas for your Twitter and Facebook posts, which we hope will take at least a little bit of the pressure off. 

1. Beautiful pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to inspiring prospective clients to book with you, it might be worth a whole lot more. While sharing images is one way to capture the attention of your audience, try to build engagement beyond the “Like” by making a game of it; for example, instead of captioning the image with where it was taken, ask your followers to guess. Use images from your own travels, those of your col- leagues, or refer to free photo sharing sites like Pixabay. com. As another option, call on your clients and followers to share their travel images with you for their chance to be featured on your social pages; this helps to personalize the experience further.


2. Travel deals

Make your followers an offer that they can’t refuse; just the same as you would send your clients e-mails to market deals on relevant journeys, share these supplier deals with your social followers. You may pique their interest and open up conversations that could lead to bookings.

3. Client testimonials

In this age of social sharing and constant connection, consumers often rely on getting validation from other consumers before making a purchase. Sharing client testimonials about their experiences with you and the vacation they just returned from will help showcase your service and value. Did a client send you a “thank you” card? Take a picture and post it. Did they send you an e-mail to gush about their trip? Copy and paste the text to your Facebook wall. It takes very little effort but will help you to build credibility amongst your social circle.

4. Agent profiles

Building personal relationships with your clients is key. In order to do so, allow them to get to know you (and your colleagues, if you’re working in an office environment). Share weekly agent profiles, highlight- ing your expertise, specializations and travel experiences. Share short stories about memorable moments you or clients have had, as a way to build a more human relationship.

5. Featured products

Are you trying to fill a blocked space on a river cruise? Perhaps you want to impress a preferred partner? Consider having a “featured product of the week” to showcase certain travel opportunities, whether it be with a tour operator, hotelier, cruise line or airline. Schedule a post with this theme for the same time on the same day each week, as a way to create anticipation. Choose a particular itinerary if it’s with a tour operator or cruise line, or room category if it’s with a hotelier. The idea is to tap into the wanderlust of your followers and inspire them to consider their next getaway. 


Want more ideas? Check out our full list on pg. 14 of the September issue of CT Magazine, arriving to your desk soon!


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