This fall, Key Notes On Travel has partnered with Jodi Fogel, a senior master trainer at Sales Gravy to present a three-part webinar series titled Sales EQ: The Emotional Experience Matters.

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In session one, Fogel laid out the five disciplines of ultra-high performance: emotional self-control, fanatical prospecting, time discipline, an obsession with win probability and a virtuoso with people.

During the presentation, Fogel spoke about emotional self-control and its all-important role in sales performance. 

“In any sales conversation…the person with the greatest amount of emotional control has the highest probability of gaining the outcome that they want," said Fogel. "So, how do we do that?” 

In any sales conversation…the person with the greatest amount of emotional control has the highest probability of gaining the outcome that they want," said Fogel. "So, how do we do that?”

Sometimes, it's easier said than done. 

"[With over 20 years experience] working with people literally all over the world, I can attest that...outside of cultural boundaries, humans are humans and we all struggle with emotional control," Fogel explained. "We all battle with disruptive emotions. We're all plagued with biases that we don't even know we have. [Emotional] control is something that ultra-high performers [value]...they know they can't let their own emotions get in the way."

According to Fogel, there are only three things in the world that we truly control: what we do, the choices we make and how we react to things.

She used a classic traffic example to illustrate her point. 

“If you're in traffic and someone cuts you off, you’re either going to blow your horn or you're going to choose to let it go and [assume] that maybe they're having a bad morning,” she said. “You get to control that.”

Fogel pointed out that when you regularly practice self-control (in and out of the workplace) you’re nurturing a mindset. This is how people develop healthy habits - when your mindset becomes intentional.

“Mindset is affected by not only what we think, but what we surround ourselves [with] and immerse ourselves in. It is affected by what we listen to, what we watch, the friends we choose to be around [and] the events we attend,” Fogel explained.  “And what ultra-high performers know, is that you have to have a determined mindset to be disciplined.”

For salespeople and travel advisors, one of the worst emotions that block the ability to master self-control is fear.

"We are all emotional beings. Things happen every single day and we get triggered by what we call disruptive emotions. There are seven deadly emotions that we [at Sales Gravy] have identified. One is fear," said Fogel. "We're fearful when we haven't closed as much business [or] booked as many trips to get to the income level that we needed for the month. And because we have that fear, we begin to get insecure and say, ‘Am I good at this? Am I really a people person? What am I doing wrong? Am I not talking to the right people?’" 

This fear leads to worry and insecurity, to the point where an advisor or salesperson reaches a point of desperation. And, according to Fogel, that desperation will send a potential client running for the hills.

Bottom line: Master your fears and insecurities, practice emotional control in and out of the workplace to craft a mindset, and don’t let desperation repel your clients. 


Do you want to know more about the disciplines of ultra-high performers? 

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