This winter, Key Notes On Travel has partnered with Jodi Fogel, a senior master trainer at Sales Gravy to present a three-part webinar series titled Sales EQ: The Emotional Experience Matters.

In session two, Fogel discussed human influence frameworks which included advice relating to getting prospective buyers to choose you as their travel advisor.

jodi fogel

First, Fogel asked listeners to imagine a time when they made a purchase that was a positive experience. Fogel related a personal example of her own – hiring a contractor to renovate her home. Ultimately, she elected to hire one who was more expensive than others who had quoted the job, citing that he used a more personal approach in his sales pitch.

“He asked different questions ... questions like, ‘What motivated you to want to make these changes? How do you see your family using this space? In past projects like this, what were some of your biggest frustrations?’ He asked questions that were about me and what I envisioned. They were questions that made me feel important,” Fogel explained.

In other words, the contractor demonstrated that he cared about his client’s needs. And according to Fogel, it all comes down to building trust and asking the right questions. Do so and you’ll find yourself standing out from the crowd.

“When a prospective buyer meets you for the first time, they’re going to ask themselves a lot of questions,” noted Fogel. “Questions like ‘Do I like this person? Is this someone I want to do business with? Is this someone that I want in my space? Are they listening?’”

“This is why it's so important to be self-aware of our own need to talk,” Fogel pointed out. “Because the most unlikeable person is the person talking about themselves or their own agenda. Your prospective buyer will pick up on whether or not you’re only out for yourself.”

You'll also want to be different - good different.

“When you're pitching a product, you push people away from you [if] you look and sound like any other salesperson or any other advisor,” Fogel said. “You want to be different. You want to use non-complimentary behavior to pull people to you, to be different, to ask questions. When you do this, suddenly your buyer sees you as different. And different is very good.”


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