Price, not surprisingly, is the key factor for students booking travel, reports a new survey by StudentUniverse, a leading travel booking service for students and youth which has an office in Toronto. Ninety per cent of the survey’s 5,000 respondents said it is their primary concern while 60 per cent said they would trade convenience for even modest cost savings.


Key findings of the survey include:


·      64% of students pay for travel themselves.


·      65% would take a flight with one or more stops to save money when direct or non-stop options are available.


·      60% would fly to a less convenient airport to save money.


·      While 22% of students search on mobile, 72% of students don’t end up booking on mobile, mostly choosing desktop instead.


·      Less than 4% of respondents cite checking out bars and clubs to be at the top of their priority list when travelling. Instead, 41% of students look for opportunities to go off the beaten path and have authentic experiences in-destination.


·      Nearly a third of students prefer to travel solo to be on their own schedule.


“Students look for cost savings opportunities, but they don’t just book the cheapest flight full stop,” says Rebecca Heidgerd, director of marketing, StudentUniverse. “Many students look at a number of other factors, including connection time, airline reputation/reviews and baggage fees. More than ever consumers are educated and looking closely at exactly what they will be getting for their money. Students also don’t like surprises – they expect full transparency around the information pertaining to their flight prior to booking.”



 PIXABAY/ fajaraddana91


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