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Key Notes On Travel recently partnered with Dan Chappelle, aka The Wealthy Travel Agent, to present a three-part webinar series titled Bulletproof Your Travel Business.

At the heart of Chappelle’s series was the notion that travel advisors need to be laser-focused on selling, not marketing. He asserted that in the travel industry lexicon, marketing has become confused with selling.

During an in-depth Q&A webinar, KNOT members were invited to ask Chappelle their toughest questions. In this case, the posed question came from an advisor who wanted to move away from Facebook marketing to re-focus on selling. Here's what Chappelle had to say.


KNOT member-submitted question:

“I’m going to take your advice and reduce my Facebook spend. Can you suggest some avenues for creative prospecting instead?”

facebook spend

Answer: It’s not about creativity; it’s more about targeting and tapping into the resources you already have.

Before divesting in Facebook advertising, Chappelle suggested that advisors examine their ad results and insights.

“If Facebook ads are working for you, then by all means, keep [running them],” he said. “But if they aren't, I think one of the things you can do is become more targeted.”

Chappelle recommended assessing the audience of your current Facebook ad(s) and drilling down to the exact profile of the person you want to do business with, including his or her geographical location.

Chappelle then went on to talk creativity.

“As far as being creative, I'm not into the gimmicky things,” he explained. “They may work once and you may get a call, but more than anything else, I'm about dialing it in and working through referrals and your existing network.”

KNOT members may remember a previous session when Chappelle spoke about sales prospecting and how advertising ranks poorly among the strategies for growing new business. (Click here to get caught up.)

Chappelle agreed that there’s a time and place for creativity, but encouraged advisors to focus their efforts elsewhere: “When you take some of that time and energy and balance it out with the prospecting part of [sales], I think you'll have more business than you really know what to do with,” he said.

Instead, use the creative marketing that you have for branding, rather than trying to attract new customers. 

“It's more about building the long-term,” Chappelle emphasized. “It takes a longer time to build out a new relationship than it does working with people you already know and trust. [Ask] those clients for the referrals.”


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