Battlefield 4Battlefield ToursVeteran Affairs Canada has pledged an allowance of $2,000 in travel expenses for Canadian Veterans who wish to travel to the Netherlands for the 70th Anniversary since the Liberation of Holland.

Veterans and their families can choose any of the three programs offered in dedication to the events celebrated on behalf of Canadian heroes. In the harsh winter of 1944/45, Canadian troops shared their rations with the starving people of Holland--and the Dutch have never forgotten.

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There will be celebrations and emotional parades in every town and village liberated by Canada. This will be a final and emotional ‘farewell’ for many old soldiers and comrades. Canadians have until March 1to sign on.

It is our pleasure to announce that Veteran Affairs Canada will be offering $2,000 for each Canadian Veteran willing to join us, and we are profoundly honoured to cover this expense in advance, providing all the assistance (including wheelchairs and companions on hand 24 hours a day) as well as all travel arrangements that are specifically required for every Canadian Veteran who wishes to travel," said Battlefield Tours CEO Ian Cowan.

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"We would do anything to get the last of our heroes to see for themselves what an incredible country they have saved and the gratitude the next generation continues to harbour for them and their freedom. Please share the news with as many Canadians as you can, everyone should get the chance to go for one of the last great celebrations.”

For more information The Battlefield Tours & Veteran Affairs have the following information for Veterans and their families:

  • form can be completed to see if you or your family member qualifies electronically from the Veterans Affairs Canada website and can be emailed to Battlefield Tours. For more information, you may also call Veteran Affairs at 1-866-522-2122.
  • To view the tour programs which are eligible for up front coverage, visit!liberation-70/cl2i.
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