Do you have clients who are ready to safari in Kenya but looking for some R&R to follow the adventure? Don’t let them miss out on the gorgeous options that Kenya’s neighbours have to offer, all easily accessible thanks to the vast network of Kenyan Airways (the airline will begin operating daily non-stop flights from New York to Nairobi starting Oct. 29, 2018). With ideal weather, fascinating wildlife and jaw-dropping views, we’ve found the perfect add-ons to what will surely be an already perfect escape to Africa:

Seychelles – made up of 115 islands boasting unspoiled beaches, rainforests, nature reserves and coral reefs – is only 1,600 kilometres east of Kenya, which is just over a three-hour flight. Situated in the Indian Ocean, it’s the views that people come to enjoy, such as those found at the world-famous beaches of Anse Source d’Argent and Anse Lazio. It’s no surprise with the warm, clear water that snorkelling is one of the top Seychelles activities. It’s also a great place for admiring wildlife, like sea turtles, tortoises and 275 different species of birds.
Distance from Nairobi: 3h 15m

This small, multicultural island may be less known to tourists, but its charm and adventure make it equally appealing as other nearby sun destinations. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy the seven different golf courses on the island, with Golf du Chateau regarded as one of the best. Mauritius also has the best deep-sea fishing in the world, which would make for a fun new experience for most tourists. Whether eating at a fine-dining restaurant or a beachside seafood shack, clients will enjoy Mauritius’ cuisine, which ranges from seafood to curries. The food draws influence from the island’s Chinese, Indian, French and Creole communities.
Distance from Nairobi: 4h 15m


Known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, Zanzibar (a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania) is also full of rich history and culture. Its historic Stone Town is full of ancient buildings, minarets, stoned carved doorways and narrow alleys. Plus, there are many different 19th century landmarks to explore, including the extraordinary House of Wonders, which was first built as a ceremonial palace. Clients should also not miss the bustling Darajani Market; it’s a hive of activity and a true taste of Zanzibar culture. But of course, this destination is not without its tropical feel and wildlife. Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond, an animal sanctuary in Nungwi provides an incredible experience of watching turtles of various species in their natural habitat.
Distance from Nairobi: 1h 40m

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, is like no other. Its wildlife, landscape, flora and fauna are all unique, some being endemic to the island. Lemurs, for example, are found only in Madagascar, as are the distinctively shaped baobab trees. Visitors can travel along “Avenue of the Baobabs,” a dirt road entirely lined by centuries-old baobab trees, for a truly unique experience. The landscape is also very diverse; from wet rainforest to dry and desolate desert, the terrain can change in a matter of kilometres. Distance from Nairobi: 3h 20m

Think: all the tropical charm of Seychelles and Mauritius, without many other tourists. Comoros isn’t too concerned with mass tourism and only welcomes about 3,000 tourists a year, which is, of course, part of its appeal. Comoros is a volcanic island, and home to the large Karthala volcano. One of the most active volcanoes in the world, Karthala reaches 2,360 metres high. Travellers can take a two-day trek, complete with overnight camping, to the top of the crater. The active volcanoes are what make the island’s landscape so unique. Dark black rocks, from past lava flows, contrasts beautifully with the white sandy beaches. Distance from Nairobi: 4h





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