New experiences, niche markets and more Instagram tagging than ever: Those are just a few of the factors that are influencing 2018 travel trends. While iconic locations remain popular, interest is piquing in exploring unknown frontiers and adventures that disrupt typical patterns of the tourism industry. With the travel industry forever changing, Goway is highlighting the top five travel trends to spark your next client recommendations, and ready with tools and expertise so you can tailor experiences accordingly.


With so many countries to choose from, your client may look to you for the hottest new destinations. While it may seem that lately everyone is travelling to Iceland or Morocco, Goway recommends that those seeking a European summer escape would benefit from visiting Italy, Greece and Croatia for a trendy vacation. If they are looking to immerse themselves in all that Asia has to offer, Japan and Thailand remain the favourite hotspots. Africa is one of the world’s most diverse continents and travellers are taking notice. With a safari tour being at the top of many bucket lists, Malawi and Zambia are garnering new interest levels. For travellers interested in a unique and colourful experience abroad, Chile and Colombia are capturing the intrigue of South American-bound adventurers.


Often, clients may have the urge to travel, but they have no one to do it with. Participating in one of Goway’s small group tours for those solo travellers is gaining in popularity, as said travellers can benefit from local leaders who have the inside track on the destination while offering the ability to connect with like-minded people itching to explore. Solo travellers also tend to favour travel agents for customization in order to journey the way they want and tend to be loyal to a brand (and travel advisor), valuing the experience and the feeling of being safe over the cost of a custom trip, making them an ideal repeat customer.

With the world moving at a faster pace than ever, people are realizing that their time is money. Enter: travel agencies. Despite the do-it-yourself mentality surrounding travel over the past few years, the use of travel agent services has been increasing. In this digital age, knowledge may be power, but Canadians are overwhelmed with options. According to a Travelport survey, Canadians are ranked in the bottom third among the world’s least digitally dependent travellers when planning and taking their trips. Use this to your advantage and appeal to the time-saving aspect of your services that millennial travellers desire.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to selling travel is knowing how to stay competitive, and how to provide value to your client that technology can’t. One of the most effective ways to do so is by focusing your energies on niche travel markets. Aim to help clients based on top interests, whether luxury, adventure, culinary, wellness or female-only trips. Goway’s specialty is having a team of experts in these specific areas, among others, in order to help travel agent partners deliver the best value, service and trips to clients. Seeing the value in niche markets will help build a loyal client base, while establishing your brand.

Train travel has seen a renaissance in the past few years. Riders are hitting the rails for leisurely travel to see more of the landscape and to relax in comfort. Since trains are not readily incorporated into discount travel sites, the average traveller doesn’t realize that it can often be cheaper and more accommodating than hopping on a plane. While taking the train has always been popular in Europe, budget-conscious travellers are turning to locomotive travel in South America as well. But perhaps the biggest advantage to train travel is the ability to see multiple destinations in a shorter span of time, compared to coach touring or road trips. Millennials are particularly drawn towards train travel as it provides the flexibility of extending their time in locations they fall in love with.



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