Whether pious or not, almost all travellers will come across a religious site or two during their travels, whether it’s an ancient or working temple in Asia or similar church, basilica or cathedral in most of the rest of the world. However, faith-based travel is a more defined niche, usually comprising like-minded travellers who are looking to express their faith at sites important to them, or simply to see legendary places referenced in religious texts like the Bible.


To that end, the Globus family of brands in Canada has released its 2018 Religious Travel brochure, featuring 14 tours in both the new and old worlds, each designed to allow Christians to explore the roots and stories of their faith with fellow believers. Many of the itineraries are geared to Roman Catholic travellers and include masses.


Available through both Globus and value-oriented Cosmos, the six- to 20-day tours range from traditional destinations like Italy, Israel and Jordan as well as more unexpected countries such as Mexico and Poland. Highlights include tours that call in Lourdes, France, which will mark the 160th anniversary of the Apparitions there in 2018.


“We take enormous effort to create a balance between faith and fun,” says Bishop, noting that a tour may include, for example, the chance to visit the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy, while also touring Venice by private boat.


Globus tours feature VIP access to must-see sites and behind the scenes local experiences while with Cosmos there are opportunities to Get Out and Give Back with a half-day of light volunteer work in its Israel and Jordan itineraries.


Bishop notes that both listed and customized tours are perfect for church and other groups.



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