A special contribution from Tim Morgan, vice-president, TPI

Being in Nice this morning is a very humbling yet very resolute experience. There is calm but palpable shock and sadness as the sun rises on this city.

As global citizens and particularly as travel ambassadors, we play an important role in bringing understanding during times of tragedy – spreading through both preaching and practice that one may live life with caution but should never, ever live life in fear.

Whether Nice or throughout the world, the vast majority of everyday people are simply trying to live peacefully every day. When speaking of France, the world’s number one destination by visitor count, nowhere is our travel advocacy more important.

Throughout my travels across the French Riviera this week, local industry colleagues had already been expressing concern over low tourist numbers for this summer season, almost entirely due to terrorism fears. I'm worried for what this latest attack will do to their economies, however, I know we can all make a difference.

When our clients fear travelling to certain destinations, the only people negatively impacted are those who rely on tourism as the sole driver of their everyday peaceful life. We must lead through our words and our actions, reminding our clients that their travel is not simply for their own pleasure but contributes to the greater good of so many others and collectively us all.

I, myself, am still feeling chills however I’m pleased to see that the boardwalks of Nice are full of life again this morning. Let the strength of the French people give us all resolve to live life to the fullest every day.

Vive la France!



Tim Morgan originally shared this post on his Facebook account, and it has been republished on with his permission. 


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