AGENCY: Flight Centre Mission Calgary

HONORIFICS: Flight Centre: team leader, high achiever, Million Dollar consultant; G Adventures: “Agent of Change"

How long have you been an agent?
12 years

What do you love about your job?
It may sound cliché but what I love most about my job is having the ability to open up the world for those who want to discover it. Variety keeps it fresh daily. Some days that means booking someone’s very first flight, other days it’s building out a bucket list trip for a client.  Do you have a specialty? My specialty is most definitely adventure travel.

What or how did you come to that?
I think it’s in my DNA. My father was in the military for 30 years, and my mother was a school teacher who worked in a few places before they were both stationed at the same Air Force Base. So, travel and adventure was in my blood from a young age. I was a bit of a nomad. I would work for several months to scrape together some money and then off for some travels. Wash, rinse, repeat! Once with FlightCentre, I quickly discovered that the world was vast and that the possibilities for travel were endless. My clients challenged me to send them places I had never heard of. Also, I was working for a company that would allow me to spread my wings and encouraged me to explore, and for this I have been endlessly grateful. I went on my first G Adventure almost 11 years ago to Venezuela. I gathered together all my G Bucks at that time as I was really excited to try out the product that I was most passionate about: adventure! And there has been no turning back.

Why do you “bleed purple”?
That’s easy. G makes it easy for me to send my clients off on life-changing experiences. Whether a client is inspired by food, wildlife, history, culture or a combination of these – I know that G will provide them with the most authentic experience while remaining respectful of the local environment and people. VICKY YOUNG Purple passion

How important is their company philosophy/philanthropy to you?
That these ideas underpin their offering grows my confidence in their product. It’s a clear choice. Knowing that G Adventures is continuing to break ground with “50 in 5” aligns with my values. By keeping more of the passengers’ money in the pockets of the locals who open their world to us and by creating opportunities to sustain traditional life and craft. Developing opportunities for the empowerment of women and children. Protecting nature and wildlife. All of these things align with my values.

How many times (approx.) have you travelled with G?
Twenty trips… can’t wait for the next 20.

Do you have a favourite destination/ why?
Each destination holds special memories for me so it is hard to pick just one. I recently returned from Japan with G Adventures and we had an exceptional CEO – Hana Saito. She infused our experience with pride, curiosity and fun. India will always be at the top of the list as well – we were able to participate in the communal kitchen at the Sikh temple in old Delhi. Sitting with the men and women as they prepared the afternoon meal was very special.

Who is the ideal G Adventures client?
Everyone can be a G Adventures client. If they are open-minded and curious, there will be a trip that will suit them – it’s just about finding the right fit. Whether that is YOLO for young people, or Nat Geo for those who want more comforts and inclusions.

Can you offer any tips for selling G/closing a sale?
- Get to know the trips styles – once you have these down it can be as simple as qualifying your client. Sometimes clients come in asking for an all-inclusive holiday, but they leave with a Costa Rica Quest – because they really want to discover more than simply laze by the pool.

- The brochures are an excellent tool; take them home and become familiar with the breadth of the product that G offers. You will be surprised by the new trip offerings each year.

- Get to know how the trip notes work – there is a wealth of information to be found so that you can answer your clients’ questions confidently.

- Also, no one wants to cancel a trip, but knowing that the Lifetime Deposit is there when life gets in the way of your adventure.

What kind of reaction do you typically get from clients who have travelled with G?
Gratitude is probably the number one reaction I get from clients when they return. Clients are blown away by the CEOs (Chief Experience Officers) – their passion and knowledge of the destination. Their ability to expose the guests to the real “insert region” here.


Vicky was chosen by G Adventures to be profiled in CT Magazine. Why?

"Choosing Vicky Young was honestly a very simple decision for us. Vicky has been one of our top supporting agents for many years now. Not only has she changed countless traveller’s lives (and made them into G believers) over the years, she herself ‘bleeds purple’ as she has been on more G trips than basically everyone here at G! She is someone who truly believes in what we stand for as a company, our core values and why we do what we do. She is also one of the most genuine and caring agents in Canada and someone who we’re honoured to work with here at G."
- STEPHAN POPESCU, Trade Marketing Specialist, G Adventures

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