Have you decided that having a presence on Twitter is a good way to engage with prospective clients and build engagement, but not sure where to go from here?

We’ve created this fool-proof guide to using the social platform, so you as a travel advisor can hit the ground running.

First, establish five or six descriptive words about yourself, plus one more that encapsulates your personality and lightens the business tones. Include a URL. Select a background image to match your personality, and a headshot that will do the same.

From there, follow this process:


MONTH ONE: Your passion

- Determine two categories of topics you want to connect with. Sales should be one, and the other two should be aligned with your product and your industry. 

- Set up account with 

- Find websites where you like to read content that is relevant to your topics of choice.

- Queue up to 10 of these articles in Buffer to tweet three to four times per day (early morning, 
noon, late afternoon and evening). 


MONTH TWO: Engage yourself

Engagement: Determine four relevant hashtags and engage with the people using those hashtags for 15-30 minutes a day. (A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.)

From there, be “useful” – respond to questions with useful responses. 

Find 10 people, whose tweets you enjoy, with networks 10 to 15-times the size of yours. Follow them. Retweet their content, and join in the conversation. 


MONTH THREE: Your voice

Lists: Create three lists where you want to aggregate relevant people. 

Register for the IFTTT app. Set up rules that will curate people in your three lists who use the hashtags you are following. 

As you get a feel for how to connect and engage with your network, start adding your own message to all posts, as a way of establishing your own voice. Create one unique tweet of your own per week, and grow from there.



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