Badrutt's Palace Hotel is taking its cue from Downton Abbey this summer and offering high tea, etiquette classes and a Belle Epoque fashion show. On July 5, 2014 the grand hotel is stepping back in time to the early 1900s as 'Downton Palace', creating nostalgia events from that era for its guests, following the UK's successful TV drama Downton Abbey.

In the morning, there will be a Royal Etiquette Class at Downton Palace with international socialite and royal etiquette expert, Liz Brewer, for a primer on the rules of style and behaviour at court or society gatherings. Participants will also glean titbits about daily life in the Royal household. The crowning glory of this informative morning is a culinary tour de force by executive chef Mauro Taufer. Taufer and his team will recreate and serve guests a Palace menu rich in tradition from 1902. The historic dishes will be presented on original serving plates from the late 1800s, now part of the hotel's historical collection. Liz Brewer, sharing more etiquette tips and anecdotes from her dazzling career, will host the lunch.

Continuing the fun into the afternoon, an absinthe afternoon tea will be served in Le Grand Hall. In the late 1800s, absinthe, the drink of choice among artists and bohemians, would have been forbidden in upper social circles and for Palace guests. To evoke an atmosphere of the Belle Époque, the tea is also accompanied by a fashion show. And if that is not enough, an entertaining commentary on the under garments - which by today's standards would take some getting used to - will certainly bring a smile to guests' faces.

Some of the female guests present will also have the opportunity to dress up in a hand-stitched outfit for the Downton Palace Historical Dinner. The fitting session offers the ladies assistance in putting on a corset as well as tips on how to move while wearing the various accessories.

In the evening, executive chef Mauro Taufer will recreate an authentic Palace menu from 1902, using original serving dishes, with the historic setting to befit the ambiance. Movie stars, diplomats, royalty and high society alike would have enjoyed this sumptuous five-course meal.

About Liz Brewer:

Liz Brewer has dedicated her life to teaching and consulting on self-improvement and development of self-presentation skills, the high art of hospitality and general rules of behaviour and etiquette. Author of the bestselling book Ultimate Guide to Party Planning and Etiquette, Liz is one of the most famous and internationally recognised experts in her field. Her unique knowledge and skills are used in individual consultations and workshops, as well as TV appearances.

Note: A second Downton Palace event is planned for December 2014, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of winter tourism in St Moritz.

Event Details:

Royal Etiquette Class

July 5, 2014 from 9.00am to 2.00pm, including lunch in Le Relais

$438.00 US (CHF 390.00) per person, including five-course lunch in Le Relais

Downton Palace Fashion Show & Absinthe Afternoon Tea

July 5, 2014 in Le Grand Hall from 3.30 - 6.00 pm, $70.00 US (CHF 62.00) per person

Downton Palace Historical Dinner

From 7.30pm in Le Restaurant, $213.00 US (CHF190.00) per person for five courses, excluding drinks

For further information and reservations contact +41 (0) 81 837 2661 or

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