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FROM LEFT: Amy Morgan, musician, Post Paradise; Nick Duarte, musician, Post Paradise; Maria Pradissoto, Durango Tourism; Melissa Medeiros, media relations, Colorado: Mike Driver, director, CTO; Annika Klint, Canadian Representative, CTO; Steve Kurowski, marketing & public affairs, Colorado Brewers Guild; Liz Birdsal, Broadmoor Resort; Lance Hanson, founder of Jack Rabbit Hill Farm; and Tim Pancini, tourism representative, CTO.

Something dangerously delicious was happening in downtown Vancouver on Thursday...

Members of the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) were in town to give select members of the travel media a taste of the region’s fabulous culinary scene – complete with regional food, beer, cocktails and live music.

CT Magazine selflessly headed along to the city’s hip Wildebeest restaurant to find out what was on the menu from the Centennial State at the CTO’s only Canadian stop on its trade mission.

Colorado is clearly a big hit with beer lovers, boasting some 250 breweries – which is more than any other state in the US. Add to that a craft beer renaissance, a blossoming agritourism scene and a growing farm-to-fork vibe, and you’ll understand why the region is so popular with clients who care about what lands on their plate – or in their beer glass.

“There are similarities between Colorado and BC,” explained Mike Driver, director at CTO. “It’s an amazing fit. And what we find in Canada is that people want something different. They’ve been to Florida 50 times and they’ve been to LA, Vegas and New York – and they want something that’s a little bit more authentic. Something that’s not kitschy and packaged, where they can go off and have a genuine adventure. We offer that.”

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