I have to admit - I was a little apprehensive to try ocean cruising; as one who prefers to travel with complete freedom and flexibility, the idea of being confined to a ship for long durations didn’t quite appeal to me. But recently, after sailing aboard the Celebrity Equinox, I’m happy to say that I’ve been awakened to why people love cruising so much. Here are a few reasons you can use to sell the concept, based on my experience:


World-class cuisine

Celebrity’s menus are crafted by Michelin-Star chef, Cornelius Ghallagher, are locally sourced and inspired by each region the cruise visits. Its carefully curated menus are made with passion and precision, giving guests a true onboard fine-dining experience with fresh ingredients. Onboard the Celebrity Equinox, your clients will enjoy plenty of choice from Italian, French or Japanese cuisine, to dining room or buffet-style service. Each ship is equipped with speciality restaurants as well as an array of cafes, bars, lounges and nightclubs.


Dress up or dress down

Unlike many other cruise ships, the Celebrity Equinox focuses less on dress and more on experience. Suiting-up for theme nights such as 70s Disco and Evening Chic are encouraged, though not required - but definitely recommended for those who want to make the most of cruising’s social appeal There is a fair mix of guests who put on their best dress  for evening meals at speciality restaurants and those in khaki’s who would prefer to have a grab ’n’ go at the sunset buffet. No matter your client’s personality and style, there are onboard options to appeal to different demands.


Real grass!

Celebrity Cruises / Quentin Bacon
Credit: Celebrity Cruises / Quentin Bacon

Maybe it’s just me but I think it’s pretty cool that Celebrity Cruises is the only cruise line in the world that has real grass on board the ship. That’s right - a full “lawn” area where you can rest your head, sunbathe, do evening yoga or gaze at the starry night. Though it may not seem like much, it’s surprising how a little touch of earth can make you feel grounded. Though it takes a large, skilled team a lot of effort to maintain the proper upkeep to keep the grass alive, Celebrity seems to recognize that this is something special your nature-loving clientele will appreciate.


The lap of luxury

Celebrity brought together world-class interior designers, architects and colour masters to create the finest, most eye-pleasing style of living possible. Stateroom design varies from laid-back leather arm chairs to a more luxurious tone, with classy cocktail bars carrying a Hollywood feel. Bartenders master the art of sipping in style, juggling glassware and vodka bottles in preparation for the pour, while the pool deck turns into a dance floor at night.


The comfort

About 90 per cent of staterooms have a balcony so most visitors onboard the Equinox will be able to enjoy fresh air without having to leave the comfort of their room. Room service is free around the clock and for those guests enjoying the Premium Concierge Class, there is special butler service, featuring an afternoon snack delivery at a time most convenient to the guest. Each room is spread out strategically with room to rest, dine and freshen up with lots of space to enjoy.


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