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Lola and Georges Vassiliadis (Cruise Holidays of Oakville, ON) receive their award.

Cruise Holidays International honoured its top-performing agencies and travel agents during a special ceremony aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seaslast week.

The awards presentation—part of the larger 17th International Conference & Trade Show—included Cruise Holidays’ Golden Anchor, President’s Circle, Top Overall Producer and Outstanding Sales Achievement awards.

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Grace and Bill Dieleman (Cruise Holidays of Chatham-Kent, ON) receive their award.

At the start of this year, Cruise Holidays officially became a division within, adding significant value to the ongoing participation by members of the Cruise Holidays family and further increasing the overall strength of the Cruise Holidays brand.

“Incorporating Cruise Holidays into our family was an important move for our organizations last year.  It only made sense that as a specialty brand within that we carry on the tradition of honouring Cruise Holidays’ finest and their achievements throughout the past year,” stated president John Lovell, CTC.

“Their dedication to their clients and providing exceptional vacation experiences is truly the essence of the brand. From the Golden Anchor Award to the President’s Circle inductees and top producers, each of these agencies, owners and frontline agents are very deserving of the recognition during our special ceremony.”

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Mel and Nicky Armstrong (Cruise Holidays of White Rock, British Columbia) receive their award.

Awards were presented in the following categories to these winners:

Golden Anchor Award

Store Winner: Cruise Holidays of Topeka(Kansas) owned by Dick and Judy Knoll

Hosted Owner Winner: Janice Belyea, based in Alberta, Canada

The Golden Anchor Award celebrates the one store and one hosted owner that stand out because of the following attributes: participation in Cruise Holidays programs, attendance at Cruise Holidays meetings and conventions, use of Cruise Holidays tools to attain greater profitability, generating ideas to enhance the success of the network, and a willingness to help other owners reach their goals.

Top Overall Producer Award

Store Winner: Cruise Holidays of Kansas City (Missouri), owned by Mimi and Mark Comfort

Hosted Owner Winner: Michelle Jackson,based inUtah

Affiliate Winner: Cruise Brothers, a Cruise Holidays affiliate, owned by Steve Gelfuso, based in East Providence (Rhode Island)

This honour is awarded to the store, the hosted agency, and the affiliate with the highest sales volume during the previous year, from January through December. The above winners were also named as Outstanding Sales Achievers, with six Cruise Holidays of Kansas City travel consultants winning the award, and six Cruise Holidays/Cruise Brothers travel consultants picking up that honour.

Outstanding Sales Achievement

Cruise Holidays bestowed this award upon 49 exceptional agency owners and travel consultants who reached or exceeded a pre-determined amount in sales. The top achievers across the entire network were:

#1 – Mark Comfort, Cruise Holidays of Kansas City (Missouri)

#2 – Joan Yam, Cruise Holidays of Scarborough (Ontario)

#3 – Andrea Redding, Cruise Holidays of Kansas City (Missouri)

Please goherefor a complete list of the49 Outstanding Individual Sales Achievement award winners.

President’s Circle Award

A total of 20 Cruise Holidays agencies earned 2015 President’s Circle status based on their overall gross profit or their year-over-year growth, with approximately half in each category. The top three producing hosted owners were also inducted into the President’s Circle.  A list of all President’s Circle winners can be seen by going here.

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