Young travellers can book the trip of a lifetime, starting at just $744

Contiki, the original youth travel brand for 18-35s, loves spring! It’s a sun-shining, breeze-blowing, street-wandering, bike-riding blast – and Contiki wants travellers to love it too! To celebrate its arrival, Contiki is highlighting the 15 most popular trips and discounting them all by 15%!*

“Spring is naturally a time when youth search out their next big adventure, and we’re making it one step easier to take that trip of a lifetime by offering savings on our most popular, tried & true Contiki tours,” says Brad Ford, Contiki Canada President. “Whether young travellers have been lusting after Italy’s wood oven pizzas and steaming bowls of fresh pasta, have a new-found wanderlust for Asia’s vibrant urban centres and tranquil islands, or left their hearts in Cuzco, Peru and want to return, our ‘Spring Fifteen’ has something for everyone, with an exclusive discount.”

Contiki’s ‘Spring Fifteen’ boasts an impressive roster of trips, varying in length and destination to accommodate every traveller’s budget and time constraints. Got two weeks to spare and want to see as much of Europe as possible? Jump on the European Highlights tour for two night stops in each of the big cities like Paris, Rome and Amsterdam. Feeling an all-night fiesta on the world-famous island of Ibiza? Then the Spanish Spree is where to be. Or, jump on Costa Rica Unplugged for a unique experience that showcases the country’s rich bio-diversity in 12 adventure-filled days. This season’s ‘Spring Fifteen’ includes:

* European Highlights 15 days 

* Amsterdam to Barcelona 11 days

* Spanish Spree 14 days 

* European Impressions 19 days

* European Encounter 17 days 

* European Horizon 11 days

* Italian Espresso 8 days 

* Great Britain & Ireland 17 days 

* Eastern Road 13 days 

* Asian Adventure 14 days 

* Thai Island Hopper (East) 9 days 

* Inca Panorama (with Inca Trail) 11 days 

* Costa Rica Unplugged 12 days 

* Beaches & Reefs (with Whitsundays Sailing) 14 days 

* Kiwiana Panorama (Start Aukland) 16 days 

What are you waiting for? Get ready to live for the moment, embrace all that the world has to offer and build friendships that will last a lifetime.  For more information on Contiki please visit

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