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Does the current trend for adult colouring books pose an opportunity for you to see the colour of money?


You’re sure to have noticed the recent buzz surrounding colouring books for adults. When you focus on colouring-in you enter a state of flow. Your creative juices are switched on, you are focused and pretty much all of your worries are forgotten for a while.

 As Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says in his book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience: “During flow, people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity and a total involvement with life.”

That sounds pretty similar to travelling doesn’t is? So now that we’ve got our creative juices flowing, let’s make a colourful buck!


The colour of money

The titles of these adult colouring books say it all. Take Secret Paris for instance. Buy a copy of the book and study it. Map out the best locations in the book and then look for a central hotel and ponder the best flight dates.

Your marketing should now focus upon touring Paris as an ‘artist’. Your chilled-out tour group can colour the locations in the book on location, in real time and with the real colours staring right back at them.

In between colouring on location, you can take in some additional sightseeing and, of course, visit an art gallery or two. And after the tour, everyone returns with their colouring book as a keepsake of their trip.


Post-trip activity

After any tour you create has returned home, you always follow up with something—a thank you card, a phone call or—in this case—an art show. That’s right.

You can arrange a wine-and-cheese evening and have your clients present their best page from the trip and chat about their colouring experience. And before the end of the evening, you can introduce your next colouring tour.


Working with publishers

You should contact the publisher of the book to discuss a bulk rate and how you intend to create more tours using their colouring books. Yes you will video the tour and shoot stills too—and yes, you will allow the publisher to use them.


Working with suppliers

The tour operators have not thought of this idea yet, but there you are, knocking on their door pitching this creative idea and suggesting that they help you with the packaging. You may be able to do it all yourself, but it’s well worth checking out what your suppliers have to offer too.

Know this however: you only have about three seconds to stay ahead of the game. Once other agencies and tour companies see what you’re doing, they will be all over the concept. In order to have more time as the leader of the pack, you’ll want to work quickly and quietly and swear your BDM to silence!



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